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Aaron Ramsdale’s father is the ultimate football dad who rocks a traditional Buddhist hat

Aaron Ramsdale’s father is the ultimate football dad who rocks a traditional Buddhist hat

Aaron Ramsdale’s dad, Nick Ramsdale, has become a fan favourite after featuring prominently in the Amazon Prime Video series ‘All or Nothing’.

Not much is known about Nick or even his wife Caroline, as they have kept their family and information rather private. However, with his candid outbursts and colourful language, Nick has left audiences in stitches with his hilarious antics and has left them yearning for more.

Aside from his entertaining persona, Nick Ramsdale is also known for his strong support for his son’s footballing career.

In one scene of the Amazon Prime show, Aaron performs an audacious piece of skill, dribbling past an oncoming attacker. Roger, watching from the stands, stands up and walks off while exclaiming, “F***ing hell, it’s doing me heart in!” 

Despite his light-hearted demeanour, Nick Ramsdale is also known for his insightful comments about football.

In another clip from the series, he shares his thoughts on the importance of goalkeepers in the modern game, saying: “The game has changed. You’ve got to have a sweeper keeper. A goalkeeper that comes out, reads the game, and is the first defender.” 

He also expresses his opinion on the importance of goalkeepers, saying, “The keeper is the most important man on the pitch. Without him, you’re nothing. You’ve got to have a good keeper.”

But perhaps one of the most distinctive features of Mr Ramsdale’s appearances at Arsenal matches is his choice of headwear. He is often seen wearing a multi-coloured cap that resembles a Taqiyah or a Himachali topi. 

Upon closer inspection, it appears that the hat may actually be a Nepalese wool smoking hat, also known as a Dhaka topi.

This hat holds significant cultural significance in Nepal and is often worn by men during formal occasions such as weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies. It is made from pure wool and features a distinctive striped pattern that is unique to the region. 

While it may seem like an unusual choice of headwear for a football match in London, Nick Ramsdale’s choice to wear culturally varied clothing tells us more about how open he is to experiencing everything the world has to offer. 

A possible explanation for this could also be that Nepal has a large Buddhist population, and Ramsdale was seen carrying a Buddhist-style urn on the day he was signed. Maybe they do follow Buddhist ideals or have Nepalese heritage, but we cannot say for sure.

In many ways, Nick Ramsdale’s enthusiastic support for his son and his unique personality has become a symbol of the passionate and diverse community of Arsenal supporters.

His presence in the stands at the Emirates Stadium serves as a reminder that football is not just a game, but a reflection of the cultures, traditions, and identities of the people who support it.