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The rollercoaster relationship of Gabriel Jesus and his girlfriend Raiane Lima

The rollercoaster relationship of Gabriel Jesus and his girlfriend Raiane Lima

Back in January, Gabriel Jesus’ social media influencer girlfriend Raiane Lima announced in a now-deleted post about her break up with the Arsenal star.

But now it seems that the pair is back together with new pictures emerging of the couple having a good family time with their daughter Helena who was born in May last year.

Reports emerged of the 25-year-old dating the Brazilian model in 2021 when they were pictured boarding a private jet together in Brazil.

These rumours were confirmed later by Raiane herself in July 2021. This admission came when she denied the reports emerging of her relationship with already married Pernambuco state MP and tourism minister Rodrigo Novaes.

She denied these rumours and admitted that she was in a relationship with ‘O Fenômeno’:

I just want to clear up a few things that gossip sites have been saying. First of all I’m 20 and have been over-age for some time now. Second I was not dating anyone when I got to know Gabriel. Today we are in a relationship, yes, but that’s something that only concerns us. We are single, free and anything else said other than that is gossip and cruelty.

Later in September 2021, Gabriel Jesus announced the pregnancy of his partner.

Their daughter Helena was born just 48 hours after the celebration of winning the Premier League with Manchester City.

Jesus was then linked with Tottenham and his current club Arsenal, to which Jesus replied as quoted by The Sun:

I have a contract with City and I have already expressed my desire to the City people and to my agent. I have in my head [a very clear idea of] what I want. Today, I want to celebrate a lot with City. It’s obvious that I’m very happy here. Tomorrow, if everything goes well for me, my girlfriend and our family, [daughter] Helena will come to the world. So, I have to take advantage of this moment. Then, think about the team, smile at the team again. And, on vacation, I [will] decide about my future.

Gabriel Jesus back in May 2022

Gabriel Jesus splits with his girlfriend

But recently in January 2023, Raiane announced on social media that she has separated from Jesus. As reported by the Sun, the Brazilian influencer took to her Instagram story which is not available anymore.

The Sun has also reported that she has taken down all the pictures of the pair from her Instagram page.

Raiane wrote on her Instagram story:

Before gossip spreads, I myself make a point of letting you know that Gabriel and I are no longer a couple and whoever wants to judge can judge. Anyone who wants to say some bad things, can speak. Since some like disgrace, I do it myself question of announcing the end of something that almost consumed me. Who wants to celebrate too, can celebrate (especially family members). After this post, you know that you will never again see me talk about what we went through, or about any subject related to our daughter.

She further clarified why she broke up with Brazilian International. She wrote:

It wasn’t betrayal, it was just pressure from everyone and everything. We got along well, but because of other people’s problems, it always got to us. I can’t take it anymore, and I’m not going to force myself into something that’s killing me.

Jesus has not made any statement about breaking up. It is also believed Jesus and his camp were surprised by this sudden development.

The couple seem to have reunited now

But thing seems to have changed after two months. Pictures have emerged of the pair having good family time with their daughter Helena after the breath-taking comeback of Arsenal against Cherries.

In the pictures, it can be clearly seen that the pair are happy and there seems to be no rift between them.

Contrary to the reports Raiane seems to have not taken down the pictures of the pair and Gabriel Jesus also posted a picture of the pair on the birthday of the Brazilian influencer, she also posted this on her Instagram page.

Based on recent developments, it appears that the duo may have never actually split up despite any previous tensions that may have existed between them. However, since neither party has confirmed anything, it suggests that they have reconciled and are back together.

Gabriel Jesus has not made an appearance for the Gunners since picking up an injury at the World Cup. He returned to training before the Sporting clash but was eventually not included in the squad as explained by Arteta to

“We will try not to rush him back. We will try to make a fair assessment between what he needs and when is comfortable and as well giving the team a boost that it’s going to need in the next few weeks for sure. Everything is going well, he needs time as well to get himself that confidence and that physical state that is necessary to compete with a free mind and once he’s free to do that, we will throw him in.”

Gabriel Jesus has made 20 appearances for the Gunners since making the move from the Etihad. He has scored 5 goals and 7 assists in all competitions.

Arsenal have struggled lately due to Nketiah not having a similar impact in front of goal and Gabriel Jesus returning after possibly reuniting with his girlfriend could be a big boost for Arsenal in the title race.