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Memphis Depay Has The Wildest Leg Tattoo Ever, But What Does It Mean?

Memphis Depay Has The Wildest Leg Tattoo Ever, But What Does It Mean?

Football players are known to have some idiosyncratic tattoos, but we’ve never seen anything as wild as Memphis Depay‘s leg tattoo.

The Dutchman is known to have a colorful personality, as demonstrated by the wide array of tattoos on his body.

The regal lion inked on his back is a perfect example, especially since the tattoo is basically iconic at this point.

As revealed by the 29-year-old, the colossal lion acts as a symbol of his courage and determination. The rest of Depay’s tattoos are also known to be emblematic and meaningful. 

Currently plying his trade for Atletico De Madrid on a two-and-a-half-year contract, Depay grabbed during the side’s 6-1 win against Sevilla. 

He also made sure to celebrate in his signature style by covering his ears and muting out all the noise. 

Following the game, Depay took to Twitter to commemorate the win, he also shared his disappointment at failing to grab a hat trick.

Attached to the Tweet was an image of the forward with his shorts rolled up, revealing his elaborate leg tattoo in all its glory. 

The ink appears to be on his left leg, which happens to be covered in tattoos at the front as well. With intricately etched lines and many stylistic flourishes, the ink is something to behold.

Nevertheless, we’re going to do our best to break down individual elements and assess their meaning.

Beginning with the standout features, there’s a roaring lion depicted at the bottom, and present above it is the word ‘faith’ in some fancy font.

Another thing that immediately catches the eye is the royal eagle on the upper side, it looks to be sporting some imperial armor while wielding what appears to be a weapon, and its feathers give off an accentuated impression, clearly executed with care and skill.

As for its meaning?

We reckon it has something to do with the Egyptian ensemble inked on the front of Depay’s leg. 

On the front, inked masterfully is the Egyptian Goddess Isis, who was considered to be the ‘divine mother of the Pharaoh’.

Present right beside her is Queen Nefertiti, the wife of the Pharaoh Akhenaten.

The sides of his leg also include a tattoo of Anubis, the Egyptian God of death and the afterlife. 

The scenery around these figures includes some well-drawn palm trees, which hammers home the Egyptian theme.

Aside from the symbolic meanings, there’s a slight possibility that Depay opted for this tattoo since its links to his first name.

‘Memphis’ has an obvious Egyptian connotation, which could perhaps be the reason for the tattoo, but at the moment, this idea remains speculative.

Needless to say, the tattoo is as unique as it gets, something which is pretty on-brand for Memphis Depay. The Dutch International gets new ink on a regular basis, and as such, it wouldn’t be surprising to spot some new art in the future.