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Leaked Barcelona Home Kit for 23/24 Season Recognizes Femeni Side

Leaked Barcelona Home Kit for 23/24 Season Recognizes Femeni Side

Glimpses of Barcelona’s actual home kit for the next season have finally dropped and some of its specialties are being lauded with appraisals by fans and critics alike.

Despite its financial mess, dull performances, and legal controversies, FC Barcelona remains one of the most talked about clubs in the footballing media as we speak.

As they fight the Negreira case inside the courtroom, the Catalan giants are aiming to seal the Spanish league after three long years that saw the club go through some of the toughest periods in its history.

Amid everything that happens on and off the pitch, we finally have the first clear pictures of the home jerseys FC Barcelona will be sporting next season.

Continuing with the colors of Barcelona, the Nike Blaugrana jersey returns to the club’s most classic shirt design that was introduced in 1912 and continued similarly up until the 1990s.

The wide stripes make their return after ages, reminiscing the iconic days of the legendary Johan Cruyff when the Dutch maestro was balling for the Catalans, cementing his legacy as the finest Dutchman to ever lace a pair of boots.

Based on blue, the two wide stripes in claret are accompanied by a thick strap of blue in the middle and sleeves that are maroon in shade.

The same pattern from the front is replicated on the back, with the addition of a minor yellow and red strip representing Catalonia.

Coming to the most outstanding feature of this jersey, the supposed Blaugrana kit for the next season will be paying homage to FC Barcelona’s women’s team, Barcelona Femeni.

The iconic Barcelona crest features a hidden, shimmering diamond shape that is only visible under light, adding a subtle nod to the women’s team.

The diamond is a throwback to the first-ever crest that represented Peña Barcelonista Barcelona, the predecessor to FC Barcelona Femeni.

Barça’s female team was founded in 1970. However, it wasn’t until 2002 that Futbol Club de Barcelona recognized the side as its own women’s team.

Until 2002, the women’s side that represented the city of Barcelona played under the affiliation of Peña Barcelonista Barcilona, the same name as the group of fans that founded the club.

Playing their home games at Camp de la Industria, the girls provided the club with their own crest, which was a fusion between the shield of FC Barcelona and Barça Atletic in a diamond aspect.

Similarly, the wide red stripes at the back and the front will have a diamond pattern along the edges, taking inspiration from the old logo of Barcelona’s now women’s team.

The accents at the back are represented in white, the same as the Nike swoosh and the Spotify logo at the front.

Previously, the leaks of FC Barcelona’s away and third kits for next season have been circulated in the media. While the all-white secondary strip features the Barcelona logo from 1975-2002, the third kits are a throwback to Cruyff’s Dream Team.

With the rumors of a return growing stronger, it remains to be seen if a certain Lionel Messi will be dawning this jersey come the next season.