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5 Ways NUFC Twitter Reacted to Coin Fork Challenge: ‘Why Matt Ritchies Still Here’

5 Ways NUFC Twitter Reacted to Coin Fork Challenge: ‘Why Matt Ritchies Still Here’

With an age-old dream in touching distance and an infectiously positive group of players in the dressing room, Newcastle United are effectively buzzing these days.

Good vibes are coursing through the entirety of St James’ Park, from the staff to the fans, and to the players, the feeling has enchanted everyone.

This atmospheric upturn is the result of numerous factors, most prominent of which is the club’s quest for Champions League qualification reaching a successful conclusion.

While the job is far from done, the path ahead is fairly uncomplicated, especially when compared to the challenges the side has overcome so far this season.

With the pressure essentially alleviated, the players can now turn towards a bit of relaxation, as they did as part of a brilliant segment on NUFC TV.

Organized by the club’s media team, the Magpies took part in the very amusing, and occasionally intense, ‘Coin fork challenge’.

The name gives away the crux of the task at hand; it does involve some coins and a fork, alongside the seemingly straightforward goal of slotting in the coins through the fork’s steel prongs.

The coins have to be rolled down a table with the fork placed at a distance, and despite the uncomplicated description, the real-life challenge is anything but.

In the past, a number of other teams have tried their hand at the game, including the England National side and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

With the latest attempt coming from Newcastle, the Toon Army quickly flooded the comments section of the post, allowing us to scoop out a number of reactions for your viewing.

Bruno Guimaraes remains a perfectionist 

The Brazilian midfielder has been nearly flawless since arriving in Tyneside last season.

The 25-year-old has played a crucial role in Newcastle’s success this campaign while displaying his capabilities as an elite midfield anchor.

With such mastery over multiple facets of the game, Guimaraes likely has a persistent mentality, striving for nothing less than perfection.

This was reflected through his attempts at the coin fork challenge, as Brazil International tried his hand no less than 6 times.

Despite his persistence, the coin simply refused to slide in, with Bruno reacting to each failed attempt as if he misplaced a pass on the football pitch.

At no point did it seem like the midfielder was done trying, leading to suggestions from fans that Bruno could try his luck all-day.

Poor Willock and Dubravka 

You’ve either got it or you don’t, an expression which best describes the efforts of Joe Willock and Martin Dubravka.

The goalkeeper fronted 2 embarrassingly poor attempts with one even rolling off the table.

Joe Willock fared no better despite getting one in, but only after the fork was moved closer to better suit his lack of reach.

Sven Botman is too hot to handle 

Assured in defence and reliable in possession, all with the clean-cut, boyish charm of a model, Sven Botman is the personification of ‘aura’.

And as such, his coin fork attempts had little to do with the challenge, as the centre back posed for the camera instead, while someone complimented his looks from behind the lens.

Give it to Jacob Murphy 

Seeing the Magpies fail one after the other reminded some fans of winger Jacob Murphy, a notable absentee from the video. And a player who fans felt would find the challenge to be a cakewalk, considering he scored twice on the weekend in the mega Spurs rout.

Matt Ritchie: The Coin Fork God 

The 33-year-old brought to the table a carefully-measured technique, with both of his attempts clanging against the steel, all while his teammates mostly fired wide.

Fans pointed to his innate coin fork prowess and also suggested that it was partly the reason why he was still at St James’ Park.