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How Sheffield Wednesday Fan-Turned-Meme Lisa Had The Last Laugh

How Sheffield Wednesday Fan-Turned-Meme Lisa Had The Last Laugh

The world of football continues to enthral its fans with its unpredictability and madness.

Recently, League One, the third division of English football, witnessed an unbelievable spectacle that has left fans awestruck.

Sheffield Wednesday, a team fighting for promotion, staged an incredible comeback (Remontada, as the Spanish fans would like to term) in the promotion playoffs against Peterborough after suffering a devastating 4-0 loss in the first leg.

Defying all odds and expectations, the Owls made a miraculous comeback, injecting renewed optimism among the fans who were left frustrated following the first leg.

Amidst this gripping story emerged Lisa, presumably an ardent Sheffield Wednesday supporter who became a viral sensation.

The story dates back to hours before the first leg of the semifinal tie after snaps of a poster reading “SWFC: Playoff Final Wembley – Coach from Fox; Call Lisa To Book A Seat” went viral on Twitter, suggesting a woman named Lisa offering transportation services to the Wednesday fans to the final.

Her “hypothetical” bus trip proposal from Sheffield to Wembley for a potential playoff final was initially dismissed as futile following her team’s abysmal performance in the first leg.

Memes and laughter ensued as Lisa became an unwitting symbol of their seemingly doomed fate. Some fans called Lisa, who had shared her phone number along with the poster, to take a jab at the Owls’ fan.

However, football has its way of surprising us when the fans least expect it.

In an astonishing turn of events, Sheffield Wednesday staged an incredible comeback in the second leg winning 5-1 against Peterborough thus tying the aggregate score.

The match progressed to penalties where they prevailed, netting all five of their penalties, securing their spot in the next round of playoffs in the process.

As news of Sheffield Wednesday’s incredible comeback spread, Lisa’s fortune changed too.

It appears fans flooded her phone with messages requesting that she fulfil her promise of arranging a trip to London’s iconic Wembley Stadium, hopefully also apologizing for their trolls and memes from earlier.

The astounding string of scenarios centring on Lisa and Sheffield Wednesday’s playoff shenanigans was met with some of the most amusing reactions online.

After initially destroying the poor lady with trolls and banters, some fans were quick to address an apology. Some users also suggested a brilliant idea of Lisa calling back the numbers who phoned her last week aiming shots following the first leg.

Sheffield Wednesday’s journey continues as they move closer to achieving promotion to the Championship next season.

The Owls are set to face Barnsley, who got the better of Bolton in the other semifinal, in the League One playoff finale, with the winner set to secure the last spot in The Championship next season.