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Son Heung-min at 8? Jurgen Klinsmann’s Bold Move Shocks Fans

Son Heung-min at 8? Jurgen Klinsmann’s Bold Move Shocks Fans

What qualities should a Football manager have, to be considered good? Well, some would say getting the best out of their players. While others could point toward having immaculate man-management skills as their preference. One of the aspects that almost all will agree on is making stellar use of one’s best player. But South Korea’s manager Jurgen Klinsmann’s recent comments on his plans for star player Son Hueng-min have shocked many.

The American took over the role in February this year and has overseen a particularly dull period for the side. The Taeguk Warriors have managed two draws and one loss under Klinsmann with just a solitary win to their name. It’s safe to say that the new manager hasn’t filled the fans with much confidence. Add to that his surprising positional change for Son, and he is already raising a lot of eyebrows.

Jurgen Klinsmann hints at shocking position change for Son Heung-Min

The former Tottenham Hotspur player was speaking after the 1-1 draw with lowly El Salvador. Discussing his side’s captain he said, “I’m thinking about 2 top system in Asian Cup and giving Son Heung-min a ‘no.8’ role as well as most of the teams will come out with defensive tactics against us.”

This does not make much sense considering Son has always been devastating in forward positions. He has occasionally been used as a forward but he has earned his reputation as a world-class player playing on the left side. 

The South Korean sensation has made it a habit of cutting inside and unleashing venomous shots at the target. Imagining him in a conventional deep-lying no.8 role could be like chopping his wings.

Needless to say, fans hate the idea:

Possible reasons for Klinsmann’s absurd idea

As strange as it might sound, the decision would be having some reasons behind it. Let us try picking on Klinsmann’s brain for a bit. The 2022-23 season was not fruitful for Son, as he could only muster 12 goals in all competitions. A massive drop-off for a player who was the joint top scorer in the 2021-22 season along with Mohammed Salah. 

The former Bayer Leverkusen player will be turning 31 next month. Although he has shown no signs of slowing off maybe his gaffer doesn’t quite trust his pace anymore. Another reason may be Son’s vast experience which could be vital to his side from the middle of the park. 

We have seen the likes of Rooney drop into the midfield in the later years of their career. But it might be a bit early for the Spurs winger to change his preferred position.

The next major assignment for the South Korean Football team is the AFC Asian Cup next year. The tournament would be hosted by Qatar. Klinsmann would be gunning for the top prize in his first real managerial test. Fans would be hoping that he has a change of heart and plays their talisman Son Hueng-min in his usual attacking position. That’s where he has performed at his absolute best. The whole world realizes it, let’s hope that Jurgen Klinsmann realizes that too.