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EA Catch Flak For Messing Up Jude Bellingham’s Appearance in FC 24: ‘Looks Like Jobe’

EA Catch Flak For Messing Up Jude Bellingham’s Appearance in FC 24: ‘Looks Like Jobe’

Jude Bellingham was prominently featured in the latest trailer for EA Sports’ FC 24, but his character model appears to be confusing many. The Englishman has been elevated to one of the most popular youngsters in world football after a blockbuster summer move to Real Madrid.

The La Liga giants paid over €100m to sign him from Borussia Dortmund, beating out competition from the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City. The 19-year-old has a lot of expectations on his shoulders, but is capable of playing well beyond his years – as proven last season.

Jude Bellingham likely to be hot property in FC 24

Bellingham is likely to be a highly-used figure in FC 24. He is given an initial 85 rating in the game with a potential growth rating of 91. The Englishman is going to be a major hit among those who love playing career mode and his high attributes can make him popular in Ultimate Team too.

EA really want to promote Bellingham for their upcoming game, which will be available on all platforms. That is why the Real Madrid star was prominently featured in the FC 24 trailer and could be seen on multiple occasions alongside his new teammates.

However, his appearance doesn’t seem to be identical to his actual look and his face model has caused some stir among the fans. Normally, EA uses motion capture to perfectly implement a real-life personality into their video games – but there might have been some problems in capturing Bellingham’s facial appearance perfectly.

Jobe, Trent, Hakimi and more

A lot of fans refuse to believe that Bellingham’s face model is actually his own, and have used this to mock EA for not getting the job done perfectly. Some fans actually believe that he looks like Jobe Bellingham – his younger brother. Jobe -17- joined Sunderland earlier this summer and is going to be playing in the Championship next season while his elder brother plays in the Champions League.

The 17-year-old will be a part of FC 24 too, but will be progressively lower rated than Jude. Some fans have also accused EA of making the Real Madrid midfielder look quite like Trent Alexander-Arnold – his England teammate.

A few claim that Bellingham is looking similar to PSG defender Achraf Hakimi with his latest appearance in the upcoming video game. FC 24 is also being criticized for having relatively poor graphics quality as compared to some of the biggest games released in 2023.

EA has used its Frostbite engine for the game and made it compatible for older platforms like the PS4 and Xbox One – which could be holding them back from really expanding the quality of the games’ graphics to match some of the top ones released this year.

There is a chance that EA recreates the character model of Bellingham before the game officially releases on 29 September. That would probably require for them to do another full-body motion capture for the midfielder, who is currently enjoying his first-preseason campaign with Real Madrid and seems to be struggling with the Lactate Test too.

Jude is unlikely to be bothered with the level of detail of his appearance in FC 24, because he has other priorities on his agenda. The 20-year-old midfielder is currently focused on regaining his peak fitness levels and helping Real Madrid to win multiple major trophies – including the Champions League – in his debut season.