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Look: Kylian Mbappe Spotted Training at Facility Reserved for Rugby Players

Look: Kylian Mbappe Spotted Training at Facility Reserved for Rugby Players

Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe is a busy man these days. After enjoying his holiday in Miami, where he was spotted with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, the French footballer is back to his training routine.

But what has come to the surprise of many is as to where he is hitting the straps.

During the transfer window, Mbappe had grabbed much attraction as cloud of uncertainty over his future at Paris with a move to Real Madrid on the cards.

The 24-year-old scoffed at the rumours and insisted that he will be staying at Parc des princes, at least till his current contract with the Qatar-owned club ends, though the rumour mill is strong about a premature move to Madrista.

Football routine

Amidst all the hype rumours floating, Mbappe was back to his usual football routine and has started to train in the right earnest.

The biggest surprise of all is the training venue. According to grapevine, Mbappe, who is currently enjoying another holiday in the south east French village of Vaucluse, is finding ample time to hit the straps.

Pictures of him training at a backyard the Roger Faury Stadium in Le Thor, which is close to Vaucluse is prominent on social media and many have started gossiping as Mbappe is seen wearing white colours, which resemble more of the Real Madrid jersey.

Apparently, the video of him doing running and stretching was taken by a local resident and it did not need for the news to spread like wildfire.

Generally, the Rugby Field at Thor is a favourite training ground of rugby players, but Mbappe made it a special occasion for people around who flocked in large numbers in what is an otherwise deserted stadium.

With huge crowds assembling, Mbappe found ample time to greet the fans before returning to his training routine at the Rugby Fields.

The small Roger Faury stadium which is not used to such crowds and with roughly more than 300 people, including children turning up, the security guys had a tough time out.

Quiet place

It is said that Mbappe recently bought a house in Thor, which is a quiet place to rest and relax, away from the doldrums of his busy life in the fashion-capital Paris.

A week before Mbappe descended on Thor, his younger brother Etahn Mbappe, who is also in the PSG camp was also seen training at the same place.

As per reports in French publication le Parisien, senior Mbappe does two training sessions – one in the morning which starts from 10 am and winds up 12 and the other in the evening which starts around 6.30 and winds up by 8.

Ligue 1 champions PSG will start their official training from July 17 and a fit and a raring Mbappe will be ready to go, especially after his fresh training stint at Thor.

Mbappe also found time to sent a warm message to his French compatriot and ex PSG team-mate Christopher Nkunku, following the latter’s first training session with the Chelsea to whom he moved in the summer transfer window..