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Eusebio, Kaka, Neuer & More: The Tensest Ballon d’Or Contests of All Time

Eusebio, Kaka, Neuer & More: The Tensest Ballon d’Or Contests of All Time

The Ballon d’Or, regarded as one of football’s most prestigious individual awards, is synonymous with heated debates and impassioned discussions. Just as the unpredictable nature of a game of slots keeps casino aficionados on the edge of their seats, the annual Ballon d’Or announcement evokes similar anticipation among football enthusiasts. While some years have presented clear-cut winners due to their staggering achievements, there have been instances where the competition was so neck-and-neck that fans and pundits found themselves deeply divided over the rightful recipient.

Football’s allure, much like the spin of a casino wheel, never ceases to surprise and captivate its global audience. This honor, a crown jewel for the football elite, has had its share of suspense-filled moments, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of the sport. Let’s delve into some of the closest Ballon d’Or races that have ever enthralled the world, reminiscent of the thrills one experiences in a slot.

1967 – Eusébio vs Bobby Charlton

In one corner, the ‘Black Panther’, Eusébio; Benfica’s talisman and Portugal’s soccer titan. Opposite him England’s midfield dynamo, Bobby Charlton, still draped in the euphoria of a 1966 World Cup triumph. Both maestros, in their element, staged an unforgettable 1967 Ballon d’Or joust. Eusébio, with his club feats and World Cup Golden Boot, was stellar. Yet, Charlton, the beating heart of England, was a force. 

2007 – Kaká vs Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi

2007: A football epoch. A trio, soon to cast shadows for over a decade, eyed the Ballon d’Or gleam. Kaká, a maestro at AC Milan, orchestrating their Champions League song, contended against Ronaldo’s explosive Manchester United chapter and Messi, the Barça prodigy, weaving his early spells. The world watched with bated breath, but Kaká’s European success gave him the edge.

2014 – Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi vs Manuel Neuer

While Ronaldo and Messi had been constant contenders for the Ballon d’Or, the 2014 race introduced an unlikely candidate in the mix – Bayern Munich’s goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer. Neuer’s exceptional skills and unmatched reflexes in the World Cup and the Bundesliga made him a strong contender, challenging the duopoly of Ronaldo and Messi. The award, however, went to Ronaldo, celebrating a fruitful year with Real Madrid, but the narrow margins by which he won made it one of the most exciting races ever.

2016 – Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi vs Antoine Griezmann

2016: Football’s tapestry was woven with thrill and suspense! In one corner Ronaldo, Messi – the usual titans. Yet, darting from the shadows, Griezmann of France threw his hat in. Ronaldo, basking in glory both with Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League and Portugal’s European Championship triumph, was a force. Meanwhile, Messi A luminary, ever-shining with Barcelona. And Griezmann a tour de force in La Liga for Atletico Madrid and France’s crown jewel in the European Championship, clinching top scorer. The verdict a real nail-biter; Ronaldo, with his silverware-laden year, secured the award, but the race was as close as they come.

2020 – Cancellation Amid Controversy

The year 2020 was unique in its challenges due to the global pandemic, which resulted in the unprecedented decision to not award the Ballon d’Or. However, this didn’t stop debates and speculations. Many believed Robert Lewandowski was the clear frontrunner owing to his impeccable season with Bayern Munich. Others felt that the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Lionel Messi, given their performances, could have made the race extremely close. Though we’ll never know the outcome, the hypothetical race of 2020 remains a topic of intense debate among fans.


The Ballon d’Or race, much like a high-stakes game of slots, keeps the global audience on its toes. The unpredictability, the excitement, and the fierce competition mirror the very essence of the beautiful game. Football, ever-shifting, promises more heart-thumping Ballon d’Or chases! Fans, worldwide, brace for a roller-coaster of gasps and cheers. Isn’t it the game’s enigma that enthralls? Unexpected twists, sharp turns, and these neck-and-neck Ballon d’Or pursuits? Oh, they encapsulate that raw magnetism.