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All About the Slick Back Challenge Taking Over Kpop TikTok

All About the Slick Back Challenge Taking Over Kpop TikTok

Freestyle football skills are something that football fans of all ages probably love to see. It’s just easy viewing and some of the insane tricks that skifull footballers pull off can be really entertaining to watch. However, it appears that something rather over-the-top is starting to take over Football TikTok.

The entire reason behind TikTok’s popularity is for people to pass the time by watching entertaining clips. Most of these clips are well below a minute and one you really don’t need to spend much time on. It appears that some of the football faithful in TikTok have created this new challenge.

This ‘challenge’ is being called as the Slick Back challenge. It is a form of imitating a difficult football skill move while running around in a circle. This slick back challenge was mostly promoted by the South Korean football enthusiasts. The Korean street-level footballers have a decent fan base on TikTok and are gaining a lot of attention.

This ‘Slick Back challenge’ has been created by some amateur footballers. It is actually really hard to replicate too. Basically, this move has two ‘steps’ that one needs to perfectly replicate. The first step involves moving the right foot up and down before them directing it sideways to your right-hand side.

After that, the second step involves moving your left foot up and down before moving it into a right side direction too. However, the real challenge of the skill is to do this challenge as rapidly as possible. It involves constantly doing this move and then moving around in a circle. The faster you do it, the more views you can probably get on a TikTok clip.

This challenge might be attractive to watch, but needs a lot of practice to perfect. A lot of TikTokers have been shown their renditions of this, amazing football fans on Twitter. A lot of fans are bamboozled at how quickly some of the TikTokers appear to be doing this as well.

It is also actually quite addictive to watch, which explains its popularity on TikTok. Even though its difficult to pull off, one can almost create the illusion that they are floating while doing this challenge. This bit of trickery has also impressed a lot of K-Pop bands as well.

The popular band ENHYPEN’s stars JayHoon (Jay and Sunghoon) were seen trying to do this move together in a recent show too. The leader of the Korean boy band Jungwon has also admitted that only Ni-ki can do this challenge perfectly from the members of the group.

Geonu, a member of the K-Pop band JUST B also made a cool little video of himself doing this trick recently. While doing this slick-back challenge on its own is extremely difficult, doing it with a football can be even tougher. The European footballers are yet to have caught up to this challenge because of its current popularity mostly around Korea.

There is little doubt over whether Son Heung-min or Neymar doing this challenge perfectly because of their quality. But for aspiring street-level footballers, this challenge is a great way to test their quality and enhance the trickery in their arsenal.