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Know Everything About 24/25 Liverpool Third Kit: White, Upside Swoosh and Zigzag Pattern

Know Everything  About 24/25 Liverpool Third Kit: White, Upside Swoosh and Zigzag Pattern

Liverpool have been absolutely dominating their opposition in Europe this season. The Reds were unlucky not to finish in the top-4 last season and ended up missing out on Champions League qualification.

They are absolutely bulldozing past their opposition in the Europa League and seem to be one of the overwhelming favourites to win the competition.

With their midfield woes gone, Klopp’s side should return to the Champions League next season and could be wearing a special UCL kit if the leaks are anything to go by.

Even though the 2024/24 season is still a LONG WAY away, Nike might have started working on initial designs.

This is often done for the major clubs because of the sheer demand in numbers. The designs have to be approved by the top brass before being rolled out for manufacturing.

The third kits are normally worn during the European away games or sometimes for league games too. Liverpool might be going back to a white kit for the upcoming campaign.

While this isn’t confirmed, the possible colours of Liverpool’s 24/25 third kit have been leaked by fumlerRawk.

The Twitter account known for all things LFC hints that it will be a white kit that will also have pure platinum, black and red shades.

The leaker didn’t really post a picture of the kit’s design, but fans were quick to do so. They did that by using their imagination to draw up how it could look like.

The new white kit has been modelled on a picture of Darwin Nunez. It’s a really slick, clean white kit where the club’s crest and Nike logos are in red.

The Standard Chartered sponsorship logo is in black and the cuffs also have a black and red design.

Recent leaks also show that the kit might feature an intricate pattern of small mountains in a zig-zag design finely implemented into the white attire.

Moreover, the third kit is likely to have the new Nike ‘Upside Swoosh’ as well.

This is an interesting design that Nike are planning to debut in football kits from the 2024/25 season onwards.

This new swoosh pattern will change the position and angle of the Nike logo on their kits.

For example, it will now be angled to see the ‘pointed’ bit of the logo positioned upwards to the top of the kit rather than sideways.

There will also be a smaller version of their iconic symbol drawn inside the logo too.

This design has been tested in a few of Nike’s latest boots collection, which features the little Nike symbol inside the normal logo on the boots.

In the Liverpool kit, leaked designs hint that the red Nike logo will have a smaller ‘swoosh’ yellow colored symbol in it.

Liverpool have not exactly had white-colored kits that many times in the past. It’s logical, considering that white isn’t exactly the color for ‘The Reds’.

However, the few times that they have donned white kits – they have usually turned out to be certified bangers.

Fans have even noticed a similarity to the 23/24 third kit leak to the 2007/08 away kit that Fernando Torres helped sell a lot with his goal-scoring heroics.

That slick white Adidas kit was made famous by Spanish striker Fernando Torres, who scored a whopping 33 goals for the Reds in that memorable campaign.

This leaked version is also a far cry from the Reds’ current third kit, which is a purple kit with an interesting design. Liverpool will be gunning to return to the Champions League next season where they can show off this potentially amazing kit in the best possible way.