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‘Prime Trossard’ No More: Arsenal Star Leandro Trossard Resolves Twitter Identity Crisis

‘Prime Trossard’ No More:  Arsenal Star Leandro Trossard Resolves Twitter Identity Crisis

Leandro Trossard, the talented Arsenal winger, recently took to Twitter to politely request a fan account to stop impersonating him.

The account in question, previously named ‘Prime Trossard,’ has now been renamed ‘Leo,’ presumably after the fan’s name or perhaps a wordplay on Leandro.

With a following of 11,000 users, the account was created to express support for the Belgian footballer and is decorated with a bio that reads, ‘Parody account | Leandro Trossard Fan AccOunt’.

The incident unfolded when the Twitter user shared a screenshot of a direct message he received from the real Leandro Trossard on Instagram, politely asking him to cease impersonation.

Trossard, who had joined Arsenal from Brighton in January 2023 for a transfer fee of £27 million, has been playing a vital role as a substitute for the Gunners, making 11 appearances and contributing with four goals and one assist in various competitions.

Since his move to Arsenal, the Belgian has earned a growing fan base, and fan accounts like ‘Prime Trossard’ are not uncommon on social media platforms, where they express their admiration for their favorite players.

While these fan accounts can be a great way to celebrate and support players, they can sometimes inadvertently cross boundaries, leading to situations like the one involving ‘Prime Trossard.’

Trossard, in addressing the impersonation issue, displayed grace and understanding, sending a direct message to the fan account in question.

While it may seem like a minor matter to some, impersonation can have serious consequences, including potential misunderstandings and reputational harm.

By addressing the situation personally and politely, Trossard ensured that the fan received his message without any undue animosity.

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