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Look: Darwin Nunez Mirrors Shawn Michaels With Carabao Cup Superkick

Look: Darwin Nunez Mirrors Shawn Michaels With Carabao Cup Superkick

Nothing new or exciting, just the usual – two worlds of WWE and football colliding during a football match yesterday. Did that peak your interest? Let us explore what it is all about.

Unexpected, yes, but it seems like Anfield was turned into a WWE arena for a while with the wrestling great Shawn Michaels being mimicked in the middle of the pitch.

Liverpool beat West Ham in a comfortable fashion to clinch a spot in the semifinals of the Carabao Cup where they will face Fulham in a two-legged tie. The 5-1 win wasn’t the only spectacle to behold though.

Darwin Nunez at the 90th minute of an already won game, was seen pulling The Heartbreak kid’s signature finishing move ‘The Superkick’ or ‘The sweet chin music’, yesterday.

Remember when Shawn Michaels used to finish off his opponents in style and everyone was in awe of him. Yeah well, this one might not be on the same level but Nunez sure was going for it whole heartedly. Instead of an applause though, Darwin was just handed over a caution.

The move in question involves delivering a powerful and swift kick to your opponent’s chin or jaw with the opponent being behind your back usually.

Sadly though, it was Jan Thilo Kehrer, the West Ham defender on the receiving end of things. Fortunately enough, not much harm was done to the German.

Nunez hasn’t turned out to be the striker that Liverpool had thought they had bargained for from Benfica. The £85 million transfer hasn’t been the most prolific striker out there. Hence, fans are getting frustrated a bit.

The forward has played about 25 games overall for The Reds this season and has only managed to produce 7 goals. It is almost the same number as the number of yellow cards (6) he has. Fans have called him out on his aggressiveness which has accumulated him these many cautions.

This is not the first time he as been in the news for his non-football stunts. His overhead kicks and all the non-traditional tries to score a spectacular haven’t gone well with pool fans either.

They just want the player to score and show them his Benfica glory day form. In the 2021-22 season, the reason he caught Liverpool scout’s eyes was his tally of 34 goals in just 41 games for the Portugese club. He still has plenty to do to fill Roberto Firmino‘s shoes.

Shawn Michaels might have retired but his glorious style still lives among us. As for Nunez, one thing that we can be sure about is, he will keep being in the highlights with his quirky ways. Hopefully soon enough, we get to see the striker in his true football glory.