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Look: James Maddison Stands Up For Tottenham at World Darts Final

Look: James Maddison Stands Up For Tottenham at World Darts Final

James Maddison is loved by the Spurs fans for his on pitch magic. But this time his off field shenanigans are the ones that have put him in the spotlight.

What we are talking about is the heavy back and forth interaction between the people and Maddison at the Alexandra Palace during the World Darts Championship Finals.

Maddison has been a huge darts enthusiast since his time at Leicester City. His love for the sport is even visible in his goal celebrations.

Hence, it was a given that Maddison would be attending the finals game between Luke Litter and Luke Humphries. He enjoyed the epic match and even posted on his social media about it.

He was seen with his entourage at the event alongside the likes of boxer Derek Chisora and Romeo Beckham. Even Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale was present at the venue.

During the game, resounding chants of “Tottenham get battered everywhere they go” started echoing the venue after people noticed the star’s presence amongst them.

Ally Pally is in the north London area and it is pretty common to have Arsenal fans in huge numbers there. They never miss any chance to poke fun at their rivals. Even AFTV posted on social media about loving the banter.

The 2-year-old didn’t sit back and let the crowd have its way though. Taking charge of the situation, he took up a placard and wrote the words “North London is white! COYS [Come On You Spurs]” on it. He then proceeded to hold the sign up high, in his right hand, for the rival fans to see.

James Maddison holds ‘North London is White’ placard

The security staff at the venue is known to be quite strict and as is obvious, didn’t want any conflict or things to escalate any further. So, they took the placard away from Maddison to end it right then and there.

Maddison has attended plenty of dart events and Luke Litter is no stranger to him. The 16 year old dart prodigy was even invited as a guest by the midfielder to his box during the recent Tottenham vs Bournemouth match.

Unfortunately Maddison didn’t get to see him win as Litter suffered a 7-4 loss in the final game. Spurs fans enjoyed the bite back from Maddison a lot and were questioning the distasteful chants at a darts game.

Spurs fans loved Maddison’s gesture

As irony would have it, it is Arsenal who have been battered in the recent games by Aston Villa, Fulham and West Ham. Despite injuries, Spurs are just 1 point behind them. Maybe the chants were not well timed after all.

The Tottenham attacking midfielder has been out due to injury during their Chelsea game in November and is expected to make a come back at the end of this month. Before injury, the player was instrumental in the unbeaten run that Ange Postecoglou’s team had put together with his 3 goals and 5 assists.