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Fans Loved Axel Disasi Trustfalling Into Chelsea End at Selhurst Park

Fans Loved Axel Disasi Trustfalling Into Chelsea End at Selhurst Park

Chelsea had to wait very late to get a thrilling 3-1 win over Crystal Palace in the Premier League, and the over-the-top celebrations from Axel Disasi towards the end have sent many supporters into a fit.

The Blues actually went behind in a dreadful first half in which they dominated over 75% possession but could not threaten the Palace backline at all. They came out roaring in the second half, with Conor Gallagher scoring a wonderful equalizer before popping up with a brilliant second goal in added time.

As the Chelsea players all went crazy and headed to the away section to celebrate with their fans, Disasi was left in an uncontrollable frenzy.

How Did Axel Disasi Celebrate Conor Gallagher Goal?

The Frenchman has a reputation for being a little bit overly passionate with his goal celebrations, even celebrating those scored by others like his own.

He’s drawn comparisons to ex-Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger in that regard and Disasi only added more fuel to this with his antics against Palace.

After seeing Gallagher score the last-gasp goal against the Eagles, the centre-back ran all the way from his half to join his teammate near the corner flag. But rather than going into a huddle with his mates, he just jumped over the advertising board and jumped onto a bunch of Chelsea supporters like a rockstar trustfalling onto their fans after a successful show.

Disasi ended up surprising some of the ecstatic Chelsea supporters, who obviously love celebrating goals with their players but probably did not expect to see a player actually yank himself onto them.

Did Disasi Cause Damage With Crazy Celebrations?

As he tried his best to crowd-surf on top of the supporters, Disasi ended up causing a ruckus for the stewards at Selhurst Park who tried their absolute best to maintain some kind of calmness in the crazy celebrations. Of course, it’s the job of the stewards to ensure that fans do not get too close to players in a stadium where the stands are extremely close to the pitch.

However, it also appears that the French centre-back might’ve knocked over and damaged the advertising boards at the stadium in his celebrations. While he might not have totally broken them, he did cause some damage which probably irked the stewards even more.

Fortunately, Disasi did not try repeating his antics when Enzo Fernandez scored the final goal soon after Gallagher’s effort. The French defender has attracted a lot of praise from Chelsea fans for his brilliant celebrations and how he’s become a True Blue in under a year of joining the club.