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What to Expect from Noel Gallagher Designed Man City Kit: Fan Concepts and Predictions

What to Expect from Noel Gallagher Designed Man City Kit: Fan Concepts and Predictions

Manchester City are ready to give centre stage to their famous supporter Noel Gallagher to hand-pick a special fourth kit for the Cityzens in the 2024/25 season.

Even though the Cityzens are still focused on potentially retaining their European Treble, they have given special privilege to the Oasis singer to create his own kit design.

Both Noel and Liam Gallagher have been Manchester City supporters since their childhood. In Noel’s case, this was because the first football game he attended live was the watching City against Newcastle United in 1971.

Noel has explained why he prefers the Sky Blues over the Red Devils, having said: “The reason (to support City) is a family one — my dad hated his brothers. They were all Irish people, who came over and decided to support United. My dad chose City instead, just to p**s them off. No other reason than that. Liam and I should by rights have been United fans.”

Noel Gallagher is a frequent attendee to Manchester City matches at the Etihad Stadium. He loves interacting with Pep Guardiola and the players, especially in their trophy-winning celebrations after bagging Premier League titles in recent years. Oasis ‘Blue Moon Rising’ has even become an unofficial anthem for the club and he’s beloved among the fans.

Now, the club will let him personally create a historic fourth kit for them in the upcoming campaign. It’ll be a unique fourth kit that has a bit of a history and meaning behind it.

Why Noel Gallagher Is Designing Fourth Kit For Manchester City

FootyHeadlines were among the first to reveal that the Cityzens will be getting a fourth kit for the 2024/25 campaign. Normally, a fourth kit is not really a thing for football clubs. Apart from the basic home and away kits, the third kits are used in European matches or in away games.

However, it seems that the Manchester City hierarchy have come to an agreement with Gallagher to design the fourth kit. There is a bit of a special history behind this because the kit will be released on the 30th anniversary of Oasis’ debut studio album ‘Definitely Maybe’.

Definitely Maybe is considered as one of the best British artist albums of all time. Channel 4 placed it on number six in their 100 Greatest Albums of All Time. NME placed it at number 3 on their list of the greatest British Album. It’s also the album that helped Oasis’ popularity soar and enhance the reputation of the Manchester music scene.

Some fans have noted that this could be similar to Manchester United recently releasing a new collection of clothing that pays homage to The Stone Roses.

While Oasis supported Manchester City, the Roses are acclaimed supporters of the Red Devils. The Cityzens seem to be the latest to bring a fusion between the musical scene and football, knowing that both their supporters and Oasis fanatics will probably be buying the kit.

What Could The Noel Gallagher Designed Kit Look Like?

There hasn’t been an early leak or anything about how this unique fourth kit can actually look like. They are likely to be much different than Manchester City’s other kits in the 2024/25 season, but the exact design or colours have not been specified yet.

Gallagher gave a bit of a teaser of what can be expected from this attire in a recent interview. He told BBC: “I can’t say much, but it’s a Definitely Maybe-inspired third kit and it’s far-out. I’ve seen it, I designed it. It’s got a massive picture of my head on all the tops! No, it’s great. It’s been a real honour to do it for the 30th anniversary.”

There is still no definitive leak over what this fourth kit could look like. But this hasn’t stopped some fans from speculating about its possible design with their own concept art.

Twitter user Macca Graphics has released a rather bold design with vivid patterns.

This one has City’s Sky Blue colour, along with a deeper blue shade designed into a pattern of squares and circles all over the attire. The club crest and Puma logo are there, with an Oasis badge in the middle.

A more simplistic concept art of the possible fourth kit is a throwback to the 90s.

DAZN’s social media handler Alejandro Mendo has tried promoting another concept design.

The release date for this unique attire has not been specified either. Definitely Maybe’s 30th anniversary will be on 29 August, 2024 – but this tribute kit is expected to be launched in late 2024 or early 2025.

Gallagher has a reputation for being an eccentric and outspoken individual, so this fourth kit can probably be expected to be quite outlandish like himself.