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Photo – Tottenham star Jan Vertonghen shows off brand new hairstyle whilst in quarantine

Photo – Tottenham star Jan Vertonghen shows off brand new hairstyle whilst in quarantine

No single event has brought down the entire world on its knees spontaneously like the outbreak of coronavirus. It has in some way impacted each and every aspect of our lives, and sportspersons are no exception.

People are leaving no stones unturned and rightly so to tackle the spread of deadly virus. It is rumored to believe that having no hair or less amount of hair on one’s head prevents the virus from spreading via exposed hair, and also makes it easier to put on and take off protective gear.

Taking this advice like fish to water, you may have seen people shaving their beard or even their head and footballers are following suit. Basically, in this case defence is the best form to attack ( right, Simeone 😉)

Recently Tottenham Hotspur defender Jan Vertonghen revealed a different hairstyle than his usual one, while in quarantine.

Fans were quick to point out the striking similarities between his new found look to Game of Thrones famous character Jamie Lannister.

Vertonghen also expressed his displeasure as some people were not taking government advice to remain indoors seriously with this tweet –

Vertonghen’s future is in the air since Mourinho took charge of the club, as the player who has till now featured heavily for the North London side has found playing time hard to come by this season. 

His private life also took a hit recently when his family was held at knifepoint as four armed men burgled his home while he was on Champions League duty with Tottenham when they faced Leipzig.

Safe to say, this season has not turned out to be the ideal one for him, but he is a  seasoned player who ranks 11 on the Premier League appearances for the club, and has surely seen ups and down throughout his career.