Photo – Man United star Anthony Martial goes bald during his time in quarantine

The most atrocious of ideas originate in the human mind when kept in isolation.

People are having it hard to break free from their dull and boring daily routine in self-isolation amid the coronavirus outbreak.


However, some silly yet brilliant ideas have surfaced the internet, take the toilet roll challenge for example.

In the midst of all this, the Manchester United star, Anthony Martial decided to go for a complete shave of the hair on his head.

The Frenchman posted his new bald look on social media and safe to say the fans were quite amused by his appearance.

Check out the photo of a bald Anthony Martial below –


By Prabhat Vaibhav

A Bavarian through and through.
Always appreciate quality football, wherever it may come from.
Premier League and Bundesliga are my jam.

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