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Paul Pogba slammed for ‘looking like Messi’ in shock defeat to Finland

Paul Pogba slammed for ‘looking like Messi’ in shock defeat to Finland

It seems gone are the days when comparisons with Lionel Messi used to be a compliment of the highest order for any footballer player.

The level of scrutiny these days that comes along with being one of the best players in the world is not easy to handle.

With cameras pointed on you eternally, every little activity (or inactivity) on the pitch is being put under the microscope as both Messi and Pogba have now been found and criticised for displaying a lack of effort by the fans.

Leo Messi recently made headlines for all the wrong seasons as footage showed him strolling by while a Dynamo Kiev player galloped forward in the dying minutes of a Champions League game recently.

Now Paul Pogba is getting the same treatment as France suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Finland last night.

Albeit just a friendly, France were made to look like amateurs by the 55th ranked side in the world.

Marcus Forss scored in 28th minute and then Onni Valakari added a great second goal as Didier Deschamps’ side lost 2-0 at Stade de France.

Paul Pogba did not cover himself in any glory as video showed the Manchester United player not making any attempts to make things uncomfortable for Onni Valakari as the Finnish midfielder shot from the edge of the box.

Once heralded as one of the best midfielders of his generation while at Juventus, Paul Pogba’s decline since winning the World Cup with France has been terrible to watch.

Check out the reaction on Pogba’s performance against Finland below –