Sergio Ramos lookalike spotted during Capitol Hill violence as Real Madrid contract rebel ‘takes it too far’

Sergio Ramos lookalike spotted during US Capitol Hill violence

Sergio Ramos has been at loggerheads with Real Madrid over a new deal as the central defender runs out of a contract in six months.

Reports suggest that a 10% salary deduction is the biggest roadblock in Ramos agreeing a new contract with his beloved club.

Though, the contract rebel might have taken it too far with his demands.

Ramos Lookalike in Washington

A horde of angry Donald Trump supporters shocked the entire world when they attacked the Capitol Hill building in Washington on Wednesday.

Even in such a grim situation, football fans managed to make light of the situation when a Twitter user noticed the uncanny similarity between a Trump supporter and Sergio Ramos while watching the coverage of the incident on his TV.

With the news of Capitol Hill attack and the drama surrounding Ramos’ contract renewal, it didn’t take the internet long to put the two things together, in rather hilarious manner.

Check out the reaction below –

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