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Roberto Carlos stuns pubgoers by Facetiming Sergio Ramos after making Sunday League debut

Roberto Carlos stuns pubgoers by Facetiming Sergio Ramos after making Sunday League debut

Getting the opportunity to share the pitch alongside an absolute legend is an envious feat, and miraculously enough, Sunday League side, Bull in the Barne United, can lay claim to having achieved it. 

The Shropshire based side won the raffle as part of the ‘Dream Team’ campaign, aimed at raising funds to aid disadvantaged communities in the UK. 

Their reward was a game with none other than Brazil and Real Madrid Legend, Roberto Carlos. 

We’ve already covered the happenings of his maiden Sunday League venture, and they certainly make for an intriguing read. 

And as if sharing the pitch with the legendary fullback wasn’t enough, the 48-year-old had another surprise up his sleeve, one that the Shropshire outfit will never forget 

As is customary in the UK, every footy fixture is followed by an evening of revelry at the local pub, a custom the Brazilian happily partook in. 

He joined Barne fans and his newfound teammates at the pub, and it was there that he presented them with an unbelievable surprise. 

Fortunately for us, this clip covered the incredible moment.

As seen in the video, Carlos rings up former Real Madrid teammate and current PSG man Sergio Ramos. The pub patrons around him draw a patient ‘oohhh’ chant, eagerly awaiting the moment where the call is answered. All present in the pub then exclaim in excitement as Sergio Ramos appears, grinning from ear to ear and taking in the moment. 

It’s unlikely that the former Real Madrid captain had any clue he’d be interacting with Shropshire pub-goers, nevertheless, he looked fairly overjoyed to be a part of the moment. 

An afternoon sharing the pitch with the World Cup-winning Brazilian followed by an interaction with the legendary Spaniard, what a day for the Barne United faithful.