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House actor Hugh Laurie gets familiar with famous Rangers FC slogan on Twitter

House actor Hugh Laurie gets familiar with famous Rangers FC slogan on Twitter

British actor Hugh Laurie was made aware of the Rangers FC motto after he tweeted his opinion on the US Capitol violence in Washington DC, a trending point of discussion which has attracted attention from all parts of the world.

The seat of the US government in the capital was attacked on Wednesday by an angry horde of Donald Trump’s supporters, in a violent incident which drew criticism from most celebrities around the world including Laurie.

But things took an unexpected turn when a Rangers FC fan replied feeling upset at the content of the tweet as the House actor wrote – “You are not the people. You are some people.”

Laurie was likely to be addressing the outgoing US President, when he hinted at the fact that Trump’s supporters only consist of a part of the country’s total population, and not the entirety of it.

But such was the wording of the tweet that a Rangers fan just couldn’t help himself make it all about his beloved club due to the uncanny similarity with their motto – “We Are The People”.

The Hollywood actor was genuinely perplexed at the response from the Ibrox season ticket holder and enquired accordingly –

Popular Scottish Football account OldFirmFacts was on hand to fill in the actor with the priceless bit of trivia about Rangers’ famous slogan –

Kudos to Laurie as he took it in his stride –

It should be quite obvious that the response from the Rangers fan account was made in jest and not to be taken seriously.

A Dark Day for United States of America

An armed and angry mob of pro-Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill and clashed with police on Wednesday when the US Congress convened to validate Joe Biden’s presidential win last November.

The Capitol Hill siege is one of the worst security breaches in US history, as pro-Trump supporters breached barricades and advanced into the hall of the Capitol building, smashing windows and brawling with the helpless police officers.

The incident has reportedly caused at least four casualties so far, including a woman being fatally shot in the violence that ensued.