Video: Josue Duverger toe pokes own goal after dummying himself twice against Canada

Haiti backup goalkeeper Josue Duverger panicked himself into making an all-time own goal howler during their World Cup qualifying fixture against Canada.

Canada received the gift of all gifts when Duverger turned a back pass from Kevin Lafrance inside his own net after failing to clear the ball twice and instead toe-poked it with his standing leg as the ball trickled into his own goal.

The goalkeeping blunder gave Canada the lead and saw Haiti eliminated from the World Cup, eventually losing 3-0 on the night and 4-0 on aggregate.

You have to feel bad for the goalie here as he was thrown into action for Haiti’s biggest game in years and had a stellar outing but would only be remembered for the crazy blooper.

Had two opportunities to not hit it into his own net, and yet, that’s exactly what happened. Check out the most unlikely of goals from Duverger below –