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Gorgeous looking Bayern Munich kit concept with oak leaf pattern surfaces online

Gorgeous looking Bayern Munich kit concept with oak leaf pattern surfaces online

Twitter was recently treated to a majestic new rendition of the storied red jersey sported by German giants Bayern Munich. Although conceptual, the kit is a stunning piece of fan art that could well give the official product, released by one of the leading sports brands Adidas, a run for its money.  

The concept shirts feature exquisitely designed oak leaf patterns on both the front and the back, complemented by deeper accents of the traditional red colour worn by the Bavarians.

They also don crisscrossing diamond shapes running diagonally through the torso. The contours are highlighted by a glossy white colour which has also been used to design the iconic “Mia San Mia” crest stitched atop the chest of the jersey, adjacent to the Adidas logo.

This masterful creation resulted from the collaboration of astute artists, namely “IK-RO Designers” and “VIC Design”, both of whom specialize in designing conceptual jerseys on Instagram. 

It overawed the supporters of the Bundesliga side, one of whom rightly claimed that: “The other team comes in knowing they lost.”, given its intimidating appearance.  

Desperate to add this rad creation to their wardrobe, fans lined up in the comments section to enquire about where they could be bought.

Alas, the kits, though released under the stamp of Adidas itself, were for display purposes only as mentioned by the creators on their respective handles.  


Monday 29th of November 2021

Is this t-shirt for sale?

Shadow King

Monday 29th of November 2021