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Bring Back Adidas – Chelsea fans react to leaked away kit for 22/23 season

Bring Back Adidas – Chelsea fans react to leaked away kit for 22/23 season

A new leak has surfaced potentially revealing the Chelsea home and away kits for the forthcoming 22/23 season.

The leaks showcase a distinct departure from the kits the Blues are sporting this season. Provided by American sportswear brand Nike, the shirts are based on Nike’s 2022-23 template.

The concept for the home kit sees the shirt retain the iconic Chelsa Blue along with a ‘white / turquoise henley neckline’. The collar which is predominantly white in colour features a ‘turquoise lion’ pattern running across it.

The away kit on the other hand stands out despite being thematically similar to the home shirt. Initial renders present a primarily white shirt with four teal hoops featuring the same pattern as the home kit.

At the bottom of each hoop are thin navy blue coloured stripes, providing a bit more polish to the overall design.

The away kit also includes a colour variation of the club crest, featuring a white and navy rendition.

As has been the case in the past, Nike’s more pattern-based designs have usually drawn divisive opinions from the Chelsea faithful. And the leaks saw a repeat of the same, with Chelsea fans seemingly not happy with the design of the away kit.

The white kit with teal hoops evidently isn’t to everyone’s liking, with some fans even yearning for the Blues to return to Adidas, their previous kit supplier.

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