The slightly disturbing FIFA cards that turn footballers into their own opposite

It truly is a drab period for football fans. Season’s done and dusted, whatever solace international game offered is gone as well, meaning that there’s officially no footy action. 

While some clubs have been quick to conduct business in the transfer market, others are seemingly busy ‘monitoring’ or ‘assessing’, hence giving little for fans to be excited about. 

How does the discourse on Football Twitter survive then?  Well, through the bizarre of course. 

The latest peculiar Twitter topic puts a spin on your favourite footballers, by creating, quite literally, their exact opposites. 

These opposites come in the form of FIFA Ultimate Team cards, and courtesy of user FUTGA22 on Instagram. 

Kicking things off we have Spurs’ Son Heung-Min, who now goes by the name ‘Daughter’, plays for Arsenal and also happens to be North Korean. We’re sure that’ll make you get the gist of things, and if not, the others will certainly hammer in the point. 

PSG’s Kylian Mbappe has his name changed to ‘Mbapsteal’, an obvious play on his name as the pronunciation includes the word ‘pay’ at the end. That’s not it, he now plays for rivals Marseille, and also goes from being French to German, which is incidentally a recurring theme throughout the post. 

One particular example which had fans in splits featured former Liverpool man Sadio Mane

Using a Snapchat filter, Mane is transformed into a female, with his name changed to ‘Girle’, and his position switched to right back. His stats naturally take a nosedive, and of course, he now plays for a rival club.

Other highlights include ‘Audiema’ (Benz-Ema), Ronaldon’t (Ronaldo) and ‘Tidy’ (Leo Messi). 

Call it stupid or ingenious, what’s for certain is that these switch-ups are at least worth a chuckle.