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Man City Trio Rodri, Cancelo and Bernardo Surprise Fans By Flying Ryanair

Man City Trio Rodri, Cancelo and Bernardo Surprise Fans By Flying Ryanair

Football life has always been about the bling. Fancy cars, swanky mansions, lavish parties, private jets, and parties sometimes take an unwanted toll on the performances of the players.

When you are paid millions for your daring escapades on the football pitch, nothing is out of your reach. The footballers are completely aware of their spending capacities and devote certain time of their life, to building a home or investing in different avenues to secure their future.

Such is the life of most players, but some live a life away from all the bling and the limelight. They value their privacy and modesty more than anything. In football, most of the players come from humble backgrounds and go berserk with their newfound money, but only a handful are wise enough to keep it in check. 

In this small list, the name of Rodri Hernandez, Manchester City’s defensive midfielder, often pops up. The Spaniard has often shied from splurging out his huge salary for materialistic possessions and has maintained a lifestyle that any average person can afford.

Lately, Rodri, along with his teammates, Bernardo Silva and Joao Cancelo, were returning from Lisbon to Manchester. A private jet would have easily sufficed for the City’s superstars who have now won back-to-back Premier League titles, but the trio took Ryanair, an ultra-low-cost carrier that operates all across Europe.

A passenger spotted the three at the Lisbon airport speaking to a few fans before boarding their flight. When this video was tweeted by a user, many scratched their heads why these players are on board a low-cost carrier when they could have each taken a private jet. 

However, a few pointed to their modesty and humility and praised the players for not making a fuss about their travelling itinerary. A special shout-out to Rodri was in place where the fans have grown to love for his authenticity to live below his means.

The aircraft carrier, Ryanair, got hold of this action and tweeted the boarding pass of Rodri on their official handle along with the seat preferences of Cancelo and Silva. This was enough for them to advertise that despite their low economic status, the footballers prefer to fly Ryanair. 

Manchester City is on cloud nine in the Premier League and with the humble act of their players, the club can surely expect to have some more fans onboard for the ongoing season.