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Pep Guardiola Irks Fashion Police By Wearing Hoodie And Stonewashed Jeans

Pep Guardiola Irks Fashion Police By Wearing Hoodie And Stonewashed Jeans

Pep Guardiola is nothing if not a fashionista. Of course, yes, he is one of the greatest managers of all time, one of Barcelona’s best-ever midfielders, one of the most decorated coaches ever, etc, but fashionista definitely takes the cake.

More often than not, Pep Guardiola favors a casual, laid-back appearance, dressing in cardigans, sweaters, sports jackets, cargo pants, chinos, and Puma sneakers.

Ever so often though, he changes it up, like last night.

His incredible dressing sense was on show during Manchester City‘s Premier League game against Brighton and Hove Albion. 

The game was won 3-1 by City, with robotic Erling Haaland scoring a brace and De Bruyne scoring the finisher. A win was expected, but Pep’s outfit was not.

Pep was seen wearing an olive green coloured Hoodie with a large P embossed on it, with rugged black-gray jeans under it. The fit was completed by a pair of black and white Puma trainers.

It was one of the more casual looks that we have seen Pep wear in his career.

The P on the hoodie serves two functions – one is to tell us that it is made by the company Puma, which is Manchester City’s kit sponsor. The other function is that it reminds everyone who dares forget who the manager is, Pep Guardiola. 

The hoodie cannot yet be found on the website, so it is possible it was made to measure for the man himself.

The jeans are from the luxury brand DSquared2 or D². They’re called the Black Clean Wash Skater Jeans and are available on the DSquared2 website for a whopping 810 USD. Not for everyone.

This outfit is definitely a polarizing one, with some hailing it as drippy while others are calling it a dad outfit.

On the side of those who don’t, he’s being called a uni kid who shops at Walmart or a dad who is going through a midlife crisis.

Most agree that the hoodie looks good, however, the jeans are where a lot of the doubts start. 

DSqaured2 jeans have a particular style which when compared to the price point always raises questions about why anyone buys them. However, City are sponsored by DSquared2, so we doubt Pep had much of a choice there.

Credit where credit is due, it’s probably Pep’s wife, Cristina Serra – a fashion company owner in Barcelona, who has to be given the praise for the corny outfit. 

Pep Guardiola admitted that it is his wife who chooses his clothing in an interview with Sky Sports back in March. When asked if his wife chooses every piece of clothing for him, Pep replied, “Absolutely. Ever since I met her, before I was a disaster, now I’m elegant, thanks to her.”

Out of all managers, there are only a few that are taking new approaches to dress well on the sidelines, like Pep, Arteta, Ten Hag, etc.

It looks like Pep and Arteta are not just fighting for the top spot in the league, but also for the top spot in the drippiest manager standings.