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Watch: Woman Gets Away From Geneva Stadium Security In Pac-Man Fashion

Watch: Woman Gets Away From Geneva Stadium Security In Pac-Man Fashion

For a football fan, visiting a stadium to watch a live match is like the whole entertainment package. It involves having fun with your friends, being unrestricted with what you can eat or drink and trying to be a pain for the opposition team.

Match-going football fans tend to just relax and take their minds off their ordinary lives whenever they go to watch games. They chant for their favourite players or for their team, try to act as a ‘12th player’ for their team and just enjoy themselves through the entirety of the 90 minutes – plus a little more.

But then again, there are also some mischievous supporters who simply visit the stadium to be a thorn in the side of security. Be it a big or small game, there are security staff placed in every stadium for a football match across the globe.

They are there to help the fans find their sitting areas and aid them with anything necessary during games. They’re also there to remove any unruly fans or those who break the rules.

So recently at the Geneva Stadium, the home of Switzerland’s top division side Servette FC, a hilarious cat-and-mouse chase took place between the security and a fan.

At halftime during their Swiss Super League match against Lugano FC, a female supporter jumped out from the away section and gave the security guards a runaround.

Instead of just being a good person and going away, the fan decided to play around with the security staff and entertain those sitting on another side of the stadium – with the action on the pitch not yet having started.

The female person in question decided to go all the way to the upper section of the stand and was instructed by the security personnel to calmly just walk out of the arena with them. However, being the rebel that she is, the supporter decided to just run around the section and be a pain for the staff.

She started playing a game of Pac-Man with them, just running away to another side of the area whenever a security guard approached her. The fan even started to tease them by standing in an area and frustrating them, much to the delight of the on-lookers.

After a good minute-and-a-half of running around, she finally sat down and it looked like the security would get to her. But just as they closed in on her, the female supporter darted past them to another side of the arena.

She then busts past a number of seats to race past her chasers and makes her way past the exit gates. The onlookers were extremely entertained by everything that transpired and some roared in delight to see the rebel pull off an Indiana Jones and race past her pursuers without any trouble.

The game itself which saw Servette play out a 2-2 draw against Lugano was a thrilling game – but we highly doubt it was filled with as much suspense as this chase.