Sexist Boohoo Tweet In Response To Cristiano Ronaldo’s Exit From Man United Sparks Major Backlash

Boohoo is a fast fashion company that is very well-known around the world, especially in the UK. Celebrities wear it, influencers wear it, and your neighbour probably wears it. However, it is slowly becoming rather infamous.

A handful of the women’s fashion retailer’s Leicester-based suppliers were exposed two years ago for underpaying, abusing, and subjecting their workers to hazardous and filthy working conditions.

Following the 17 suggestions made in an initial investigation of the firm’s operations, the firm unveiled its “Agenda for Change” in September 2020.

Since then, Boohoo has been attempting to repair its reputation in the business and, in particular, to demonstrate its dedication to the city of Leicester, which was the subject of the incident.

However, it seems like those repairs might have taken a tumble. Instead of the warehouse, it is now Twitter on which they have made a mess.

The company has recently been accused of misogyny for tweeting that women had “no need” to watch football now that Cristiano Ronaldo has left Manchester United.

Social media users were incensed by the fashion brand’s statement, calling the language “patronising” and accusing them of sexism.

The suggestion that women would only watch football if they are attracted to a player did not sit well with the audience.

This comes following the dramatic win of the Euro 2022 championship by the England Women’s Football team, the Lionesses, earlier in the year.

After receiving several complaints, Boohoo removed the tweet the following morning. But many still voiced their opinions.

One user pointed out that the reason why women watch football is not because of the men, but because of their love for the sport. 

This was a huge PR disaster for the company, which is something they can’t afford in their rebuilding phase.

Another user used facts to point out how this tweet is dated. Three of the top five most attended games this year were women’s games, specifically that of FC Barcelona Femení. Won’t be attending those matches to watch men now, would they? 

This also isn’t the first time they are tweeting about football in a weird manner. In fact, they sent this one out just a few days ago.

I guess there’s going to be a lot of boohoos at the HQ today.