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Look: Mohamed Salah Models Gucci x Adidas Gear For GQ Korea

Look: Mohamed Salah Models Gucci x Adidas Gear For GQ Korea

If there’s one man who treads the line between Superstar Footballer and Fashion Icon with ease, it’s the effervescent Mohamed Salah.

When he isn’t banging in the goals, the Egyptian is busy pulling off voguish looks and leaving a trail of gaping jaws in the process.

We covered his retro-inspired photoshop with GQ Sports earlier this year, and it had us floored.

Laden with designer wear, the outfits sported by Salah were brimming with personality and flavour. And for fans hoping for an encore, let us give you the glad tidings.

The Liverpool talisman is back in his fashion bag once again, and on this occasion, it’s for an advert with GQ Korea.

With a runtime of 168 seconds, the ad itself is borderline psychedelic.

It’s essentially an acid trip concealed in a formal facade, with the masquerade slowly peeling off the further the viewer progresses into it.

Caught amidst it all is Salah, decked out in Gucci wear, the Egyptian answers increasingly personal questions with grace, all while clutching a symbolic flower and escaping deeper into his mental retreat.

Conceptually and aesthetically, the ad is a home run, although the primary outfit leaves a bit to be desired.

Salah’s ensemble for the packed media room is a disorienting mix of sportswear and high fashion, courtesy of Gucci x Adidas.

Bearing all the tidings of a formal suit, the jacket and pants feature a plaid pattern all over, with a commemorative logo emblazoned on the pocket.

Much like the ‘Gucci’ lettering underneath the retro Adidas logo, the Three Stripes have been shoehorned into the design, making for a look that certainly isn’t easy on the eyes.

We do rate the classic Gucci Savoy duffel bag, it definitely looks in place and almost ties the outfit together.

Barring the bemusing suit, Salah’s latest fashion foray is another impressive display of his modelling chops.

And it wouldn’t surprise us to see another collab pop up in the near future.