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Shirtless Man Sprints Outside Tottenham Stadium As Strange Orange Glow Hovers Above Emirates

Shirtless Man Sprints Outside Tottenham Stadium As Strange Orange Glow Hovers Above Emirates

It’s a little tough to digest, but we are indeed in the final stretch of the 2022 World Cup.

Out of the 32 competing nations, only 4 remain, and over the course of the final four fixtures, the Champions of the World will soon be crowned.

The question then beckons, what’s next?

Well, aside from resetting the quadrennial clock, fans can look forward to good ol’ Club Football.

In just a couple of weeks, club-related concerns that fans shelved off to make space for the World Cup will loom large once again, and the same can be said for players.

After their month-long endeavors in Qatar,  players will be greeted by a rough transition on their return to club football, something especially true for those plying their trade in the Premier League.

While the weather around the period of their departure was seasonably chilly, they’ll find the current state to be far less accommodating.

UK Snow is here, in all its thick and slushy glory, just in time for the Christmas festivities.

The sights in cities such as London are blizzard-like, with snow fluttering down from the heavens at a rampant pace, it’s proper hailing out there.

The drastic change in conditions prompted us to have a gander at how the stadiums are doing, and the results are surprising, to say the least.

Narrowing down the focus to North London venues, here’s a look at things outside the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

If there’s a word apt enough to sum things up, it is ‘frosty’.

Snow trickling down incessantly, roads blanketed by the hail, and the stadium’s neon blue lights providing the perfect backdrop, things are pretty wintry.

And in case your eyes haven’t wandered towards him already, yes there’s a shirtless man rampaging through the roads with no regard to the conditions.

Wearing just a single pair of shorts and a solitary baklava, this guy’s evening runs are clearly on a different level.

Trudging along at pace through the centre of the road, he evidently doesn’t fancy the sidewalks, let alone concern himself with the stinging cold weather.

He even manages to speed ahead of the car trailing him, all while wearing nothing and jogging through some pretty extreme conditions.
What an absolute unit.

Moving on to the Red Half of North London, and for the lack of a better word, the sights are picture-esque.

Snow-covered trees take attention away from the Emirates‘ enchanting entrance, while the skies above the venue look from a different dimension entirely.

The Golden/Orange hue illuminating the sky is likely a result of the wintry conditions combined with the lamps that heat the pitch.

The result is quite magnificent, whilst also being pretty anomalous.

Safe to say, North London looks ready for club football, and the added seasonal dressing certainly amplifies the vibes.