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Son Heung-Min And Rodrigo Bentancur Show What True Friendship Looks Like

Son Heung-Min And Rodrigo Bentancur Show What True Friendship Looks Like

The prospect of club teammates facing off against each other for their nations is a very intriguing one, and the World Cup usually brings cases like these to life.

With passion and patriotism raging through their veins, the question beckons – How will club teammates treat each other on the field?

Well, as far as wholesomeness goes, it really can’t get any better than Son Heung-Min‘s encounter with Rodrigo Bentancur.

The Tottenham Hotspur duo are representing South Korea and Uruguay respectively at the World Cup. And on Friday, they found themselves on opposing sides during the 0-0 draw between the two nations.

The game itself was perhaps the most tedious watch of the World Cup so far, as both teams failed to register a single shot on target.

There was a real lack of quality on offer throughout, leaving viewers dreary-eyed.

Fortunately, a dose of wholesomeness provided some respite, coming in the form of a warm embrace between Son and Bentancur.

It occurred during the first half after the ball went out for a throw-in.

The duo, who were in close proximity, initially shook hands, before the Uruguayan placed his arm around Son and embraced his teammate.

The display of friendship delighted Spurs fans online, and even neutral were pleased to see the camaraderie.

Another such moment occurred after full-time as well, it was a proper hug on this occasion followed by a quick chat, the duo likely wished each other luck for the rest of the tournament.

And as is customary, Son managed to draw out a chuckle from his teammate.

Aside from the moment, the game was almost entirely unmemorable.

The draw left both sides with a point each, making their next matches very crucial.

For Uruguay, its group leaders Portugal up next, while South Korea take on Ghana.

Winners from either game will earn a strong foothold within and further enhance their chances of making it to the knockout stages.