What Twitter Said About Roy Keane’s Moustache And Soul Patch Look

World Cup final, Argentina vs France, 4 billion spectators, Lusail Stadium, Messi v Mbappe. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Yet, Roy Keane somehow managed to enhance the night even further, and all it took was a neat little makeover.

While the pre-match discourse was all fixated around the storied game, viewers tuning into ITV noticed a slight oddity with their standard coverage.

It had all to do with their punditry panel of Premier League legends Gary Neville, Ian Wright and Roy Keane.

Something seemed off with the Manchester United legend in particular, and the abnormal element quickly became apparent.

Perhaps it was the sense of occasion, or perhaps the Middle Eastern winds swayed his preferences, but by the looks of it, Roy Keane had gone all funk.

Ditching his snowed-out stubble, Keane switched styles and instead opted for a soul patch paired alongside a moustache that puts the ‘Mu’ in ‘Murica’. 

The 51-year-old was quite literally an eagle-emblazoned jacket away from resembling a redneck, and naturally, fans online took note.

Watching Football’s quintessential hardman embrace the funk got fans’ imaginations bubbling, leading to a hilarious meme barrage.

There were also some obvious comparisons to Hollywood’s most popular moustachioed-men, as users online drew parallels with the likes of Jason Sudeikis, Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck.

A few even edited on a long-flow haircut to really max out those 90s vibes, poor Keano.

Brushing through the rest of it, we have comparisons to Colonel Sanders, lacklustre substitute teachers and a sceptical, seasoned detective.

Even Dutch Van Der Linde from ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ was roped into the fray.

And yeah, we can totally imagine Keane breaking into an elaborate rant about his supposed ‘plans’ for a voyage to Tahiti.

At least the casting directors won’t have to look too far, in case the game gets adapted for cinema.

Fans also made sure to point out the irony of it all, the hard-headed, unfiltered Irishman of the past would’ve detested a bloke that looked like his present-day version.

But people change, and we’re glad Keane is expanding his horizons.