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Givenchy Hoodie Worn By Mohamed Salah Fuels Liverpool Sale Rumors

Givenchy Hoodie Worn By Mohamed Salah Fuels Liverpool Sale Rumors

An exchange of ownership is a huge deal when it comes to club football. The incoming owner, or owners, can be a boon or a bane for the club. Just look at Newcastle United, who, under their new Saudi ownership, are reaching heights they could have never expected under ex-owner Mike Ashley.

Or look at Manchester United, who saw them being taken over by the Glazer family. The United support has rarely looked happy lately, with multiple protests year-on-year asking them to sell the club.

Earlier this season, United’s rivals Liverpool were also put up for sale, with speculations rife as to who would come in and what it would mean for the legacy club.

The Merseyside club is owned by FSG, or the Fenway Sports Group, and have been in charge of the club since 2010.

In November 2022, the group dropped a statement saying, “FSG has said before that under the right terms and conditions we would consider new shareholders if it was in the best interests of Liverpool as a club.”

Soon after, it was rumoured that the Prince of Dubai was interested in getting a stake in the club.

Nothing has materialised since then though, and FSG and the Kop are still looking at possible entities to move the club forward.

In 2023 we come and another Middle Eastern country is being linked with the Reds.

Qatar Sports Investment, or QSI, already own a behemoth in PSG and has been looking, as per Bloomberg Business, to invest in or takeover Manchester United or Liverpool.

While both clubs are at par as far as history is concerned, the one point in favour of Liverpool is the presence of an Arabic superstar in Mo Salah.

Salah is one of the biggest names in football and QSI will be looking to leverage this from a commercial perspective.

Adding fuel to the fire is a picture circulating on social media of the winger, supposedly having dinner with Nasser Al Khelaifi, who is the chairman of PSG.

While nothing is visible as such, take notice of the group sitting and specifically the man with Salah-esque hair in white. Of course, that does not mean it is Mo himself.

But, take that information and combine it with Salah’s latest Instagram post and voila.

Salah is wearing the same white hoodie that can be seen in the earlier picture. It is a graffiti-printed Givenchy hoodie which costs upwards of $2000.

People have also pointed out on Twitter that Salah’s agent is absent from the picture, all but negating the hypothesis of this being any kind of transfer dealing.

We can only wait and hope that we get clarity soon enough. With Klopp apparently showing open disdain towards the owners nowadays, FSG’s days look all but numbered.