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The Unusual Friendship Of Diego Maradona And Hollywood A-Lister Colin Farrell

The Unusual Friendship Of Diego Maradona And Hollywood A-Lister Colin Farrell

Diego Maradona is widely recognized as one of the best footballers of all time. He won it all in his career, from the World Cup to a Ballon d’Or for his services to the beautiful game.

But the late Argentina forward was not just a superstar for his footballing ability, with his off-the-field personality also gaining a lot of traction.

Maradona was a controversial figure both on and off the pitch. He developed a reputation for being a bit of a party freak and someone who loves to have fun in his life.

He got himself involved with a lot of drugs and a drinking habit, as well as loved to smoke a cigar once in a while.

During his partying tirades, the Argentina star was able to meet a lot of celebrities. He brought an irresistible spotlight with him ever since his heroics at the 1986 FIFA World Cup and made a lot of celebrity fans as well.

After all, why wouldn’t a celebrity want to be pictured with him and boost their own chances of gaining more popularity?

One of the celebrities which not many fans could probably have envisioned getting close to Maradona is the Hollywood Actor Colin Farrell.

The Irish actor has gained a major increase in fans for his heroics in the Oscar 2023’ contender ‘The Banshees of Insherin’.

In that movie, Farrell plays the role of the protagonist and has won many awards for his impressive performance.

His performance of a simple character – who is forced into twisting his personality – has significantly helped him gain a more diverse fanbase.

Colin Farrell & Barry Keoghan on the sets of The Banshees of Inisherin

But some fans on Twitter have been amazed by an ultimate throwback to when Farrell met Maradona many years ago. The pictures of their meeting are truly bonkers and something neither football fans nor cinephiles could’ve possibly imagined.

Farrell can be seen spotting a moustache and a stylish brunette long hair do and seems to have gotten really close to the Argentina legend during their meeting at a club or a pub.

In fact, they seem to have found their companies to be too good, because some of the pictures are indeed quite NSFW.

In one picture, Farrell can be seen kissing Maradona passionately and in another one, both of them look completely sloshed.

These snaps are almost surreal because almost nobody could see this kind of a link-up ever being true, because of how different the fields of the two superstars are.

But it has also had some wondering when exactly the two met up. Farrell came across Maradona during the filming of Michael Mann’s 2006 film ‘Miami Vice’ in which he is one of the leading stars.

The filming was done in South America and Florida, with the Irish actor developing a close bond with the Argentine legend during this period itself.

Farrell could be a big football fan himself coming out of Ireland, where the beautiful game is among the most popular sports.

The duo could have also bonded over their combined hatred of the English.

Going by these pictures, it’s clear that he had a very memorable time with one of the greatest of all time and fans would probably love to hear the stories of their time together if the Irish actor is ready to tell.