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Why Boca Left-Back Valentin Barco Has Scottish Twitter Freaking Out 

Why Boca Left-Back Valentin Barco Has  Scottish Twitter Freaking Out 

Lionel Messi’s Argentina is known for producing world-class players one after the other. The massive country is home to players who hail from different regions and ethnicity. 

Lately, the ethnicity of the 24-year-old midfielder, Alexis Mac Allister who dropped a gem in the FIFA World Cup final against France was brought up after Argentina lifted the most coveted trophy in international football.

Mac Allister recently confirmed that his family name originates from Scotland, although his more recent ancestry is of Irish descent. He even confirmed some of his ancestors arrived in Argentina from Ireland and re-confirmed that he is aware of his links to Scotland. 

Mac Allister may have been the first prominent Argentine footballer to embrace his Scottish links, but he’s not the only one by far.

The Serie A giants, Juventus, have not been their usual victorious selves lately. A huge humiliation at the hands of Napoli and ten points from the first spot in the league have added to the woes of Massimiliano Allegri who needs to win the league this year at all costs.

To achieve this aim, Allegri has decided to infuse fresh blood into his squad and made an offer for an 18-year-old left-back from Argentina who currently plays for Boca Juniors. His name is Valentin Barco. 

When the news broke that Juventus has made an offer for Barco, who was also included in The Guardian’s “Next Generation” 2021 list, everyone went on the internet to get as much information on this you defender. 

To their surprise, they found out that Barco, with his ginger red hair and rough white skin, looked like a guy from a land far away.

He didn’t look like the usual Argentine player who are distinguished because of their rugged looks, but the closest resemblance that anyone could think of for Barco was Mac Allister.

Little is known about Barco’s descent, but the young left-back was born in Buenos Aires, which makes him a true Argentinian. He started his career with Sportivo Las Parejas and then signed with Boca Juniors at nine.

Barco may have improved his game and might be on his way to Europe, but unfortunately, the netizens focussed more on how he looked rather than what he can do for Juventus. 

For them, Barco looked like any other guy who wanders on the streets of Scotland. They questioned whether he’s truly lived in Argentina his whole life or was brought to their shores secretly and given an Argentinian passport. 

The conspiracies will go on but if a player named ‘Mac Allister’ can don an Argentinian jersey, nothing is stopping Barco from playing for Argentina’s senior side soon.