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The Story Behind Unexpected Kylian Mbappe Bolivia Memes

The Story Behind Unexpected Kylian Mbappe Bolivia Memes

Kylian Mbappe proved just how good he is at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

By ending the tournament as the Golden Boot winner and scoring a hattrick in the final, the Frenchman showcased why many are tipping him to dominate top-level football for years to come.

The 24-year-old still has his best years ahead of him, even though he has achieved a lot of success already in his career.

Mbappe will at least hope to win another World Cup with France before hanging up his boots and also becoming the highest goal-scorer in FIFA World Cup history – as he is just four goals away from matching Miroslav Klose’s record.

The PSG star is expected to be at his best for the 2026 World Cup edition, which will take place in North America.

Considering his age, he should also realistically be able to play in the 2030 edition too. That particular edition will be a special one, marking the centenary year of the competition.

South America 2030 World Cup Bid

Incidentally, countries have already started to launch their bid to host that iconic edition.

Recently – Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay launched a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

With Uruguay having won the first-ever World Cup edition in 1930 (that also took place in their country), the general consensus supports their case of being able to host this edition.

But, of course, the country doesn’t have as many resources to host something as huge as the World Cup – which is why they are tying up with their neighbouring South American nations to share the load.

Moreover, it is also expected that Bolivia will be added to this bid – giving the small country the joy of hosting such a prestigious tournament.

Soon after this happened, a lot of users on Twitter started to use this bid to mock Mbappe. The reason behind this is the Frenchman’s recent criticism of the CONMEBOL (South America) federation’s quality.

What did Mbappe say about South American football?

Last year, the PSG forward indicated that countries like Brazil and Argentina get an ‘unfair advantage’ in World Cup qualification because they have to play lower-ranked nations.

He said: “Argentina haven’t played games of great quality to reach the World CupIn South America football isn’t as advanced as Europe. That’s why if you look at the last World Cups it’s always the Europeans that win.”

Ironically, Argentina ended up winning the 2022 World Cup soon after Mbappe said this – as he inadvertently cursed the European nations and stopped them from continuing their streak of winning World Cups.

Mbappe mocked for his comments

Mbappe’s previous comments against the CONMEBOL might come back to haunt him if FIFA accepts the South America bid for the 2030 edition and forces him to play in those countries that year.

He is already starting to get mocked and rinsed by fans on Twitter, with fans amused at how he could find it a nightmare to play in South America.

A ton of memes have been created by South American fans, indicating that Mbappe (who will be 32 in 2030) could suffer from breathing issues at a potentially 3600-meter altitude.

Fans are biting back at the Frenchman for his disrespectful comments towards a federation that has been responsible for the evolution of football over the decades.

Mbappe has probably learnt his lesson for trying to demean South American football after seeing France lose to Argentina in the final, and probably has much to do to win back the faith and support of the South American fans in the future.