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How Kylian Mbappe Became The Best Stand-In Dad For Achraf Hakimi’s Son

How Kylian Mbappe Became The Best Stand-In Dad For Achraf Hakimi’s Son

Kylian Mbappe is among the most talked-about footballers in the world for a reason. He’s a generational talent, who is widely recognized as the successor to the Leo Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo duopoly.

Mbappe definitely proved his quality by enjoying an exceptional 2022 Qatar World Cup with France. He won the Golden Boot award and scored a hat trick in the final, something many top-level footballers can dream of. Despite his amazing quality, the Frenchman does seem to lure controversy towards him – mostly with his off-the-pitch antics.

After rejecting a move to Real Madrid to sign a record contract with PSG, Mbappe made a lot of haters. There are some fans who believe he reeks of a poor attitude and has an ego that might not make him popular among his teammates.

But his bromance with Achraf Hakimi tells a totally different story.

The Frenchman is a pretty cordial figure in the PSG dressing room, but the person he’s arguably the closest with is Hakimi. The two have been playing together for about two years and are of the same age (24) as well. With Hakimi having a reputation for being a family-loving sweetheart, it’s not shocking that Mbappe gets along well with him.

But it doesn’t seem like they are good buddies only when performing for PSG, but have formed a bond well beyond it as well. In fact, Mbappe gets on really well with Hakimi’s family as well and vice versa.

The two players might currently be preparing for a gigantic Champions League game against Bayern Munich on Tuesday, but spending time with family is equally as important. Hakimi recently celebrated the birthday of his eldest son by throwing a birthday party that only involved his close ones.

But as he couldn’t attend the party himself due to PSG’s match against Monaco, the injured Kylian Mbappe turned up to the event

While it didn’t look like he really blended in with the theme of the party, the Frenchman could not miss the opportunity of attending the special occasion for his closest buddy.

This was a really sweet gesture from Mbappe and one which proves that he really considers the Moroccan star to be as close as his own family. However, Hakimi is just as loyal to him and loves hanging out with the family members of the French forward as well.

Last year, the PSG right-back attended the birthday party of Ethan Mbappe – the younger brother of Kylian. The 16-year-old currently plays for PSG’s youth team and even made his official debut for the senior side a few months ago.

Hakimi was actually pictured at the party in the reflection of a picture of Ethan. In a picture, the right-back can be seen standing alongside Mbappe’s family members as they held a rather closed celebration for the 16-year-old’s special day.

While Mbappe or Hakimi might not promote themselves hanging around with each other’s family much on social media, pictures from others show just how close the two are. They’re often as tight as a knit when attending any awards ceremonies and even love doing promotional events together.

PSG fans will hope that the two quality players can use this bromance and unleash a nightmare on Bayern – helping them get further into the Champions League and continue their dream of trying to end the European trophy drought.