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Fernando Torres Chooses Liverpool Over Chelsea In A Big Way On TikTok

Fernando Torres Chooses Liverpool Over Chelsea In A Big Way On TikTok

Fernando Torres‘ blistering spell at Liverpool will forever be one of Football’s biggest ‘what ifs?’.

The Iconic striker had an extremely successful career filled with major honours, including titles like the World Cup, the UEFA Euros and the Champions League.

However, the best years of his career were unquestionable with Liverpool, a spell during which he lifted no silverware.

This fact in itself speaks volumes of how special ‘El Nino’ in Red truly was.

The Spaniard joined Liverpool in 2007 from Atletico Madrid, and it didn’t take him long to adapt to Premier League Football.

Torres began ripping up the league just a month after his arrival, and he was even deciding games on his own.

After an immense debut season, the striker was nominated for the Footballer of the Year Award, for which he came second to Cristiano Ronaldo.

His relentless form carried forward to the next 2 seasons as he continued to score at a rampant rate. 

The Liverpool faithful loved Torres to bits and the Spaniard loved them back, he even reasserted his commitment to the club in an interview during the 2010-11 season.

The striker looked destined to go down as a club legend, that is until League rivals Chelsea entered the scene with a £40m bid during the January transfer window.

Liverpool initially rejected it, causing Chelsea to bump their offer to £50m.

After much deliberation, the club caved and so did Torres, the Spaniard joined the Blues during that tumultuous window and the rest is history.

He was never the same in Chelsea colours, his goal-scoring took a massive nosedive, and so did his confidence.

Torres’ career at Stamford Bridge is best summed up with a compilation of misses and an undeniably iconic goal against Barcelona at the Nou Camp.

While he did win the Champions League, 2 FA Cup titles and the Europa League with Chelsea, the transfer is still considered to be a failure by many.

Even Torres himself doesn’t seem too fond of his time at the club, which is something he expressed subtly through a segment on the UEFA Champions League’s TikTok account.

It all came to light through this TikTok featuring Torres during his very own ‘This or That’ challenge.

Tasked with taking his pick from the choices provided, the striker had to shoot the ball to either the left or right side of the goal, depending upon his pick.

First among the questions was the age-old Messi or Ronaldo debate, to which Torres signalled his preference for Messi.

Up next was Mbappe or Haaland, and for his pick, Torres sides with his fellow No.9.

His most intriguing answers came a few seconds later, starting with a choice between two famous stadiums, Anfield or Stamford Bridge.

The Spaniard calmly slotted the ball Anfield’s way showing his adoration towards Liverpool, this soon became a common feature of the entire segment.

Up next was Liverpool Legend Steven Gerrard or Chelsea Legend Frank Lampard, and with little hesitation, Torres went with Stevie G.

As if these answers weren’t already enough to determine his favour towards Liverpool, the next one certainly cleared all doubts.

The question was a pick between Rafa Benitez and Jose Mourinho, a no-brainer in Mourinho’s favour for many but not for El Nino. Torres affirmed his love for the Reds once again by going with Benitez, and Reds online were plenty pleased.

His answers basically proved that despite winning more silverware and playing more games for Chelsea, Fernando Torres is a Red through and through.