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Look: Liverpool Forward Luis Diaz Rocks a Gigachad Jawline Now

Look: Liverpool Forward Luis Diaz  Rocks a Gigachad Jawline Now

Liverpool have endured a disappointing campaign this season, as they’ve dropped out of all cup competitions and the prospect of Champions League qualification appears highly unlikely.

Jurgen Klopp’s side started the season on a high note with a decisive win against Manchester City in the Community Shield. But following that victory, matters took a nosedive and the Reds plummeted down the league table, far away from the desired Top 4 spots.

Reasons for their decline are many, including a severe drop-off in their intensity, turnover of key personnel, and a string of unfortunate injuries.

Liverpool had to contend with the extensive absences of Ibrahima Konate, Virgil Van Dijk, and Diogo Jota among others during different points of the season.

Another key player the Reds sorely missed is Colombian winger Luis Diaz.

The 26-year-old was signed during last season’s winter window for a reported fee worth £37.5m, and it didn’t take long for him to become a regular fixture in Liverpool’s starting XI.

Known for his rapid pace and an exquisite bag of tricks, Diaz was recruited as the potential replacement for outgoing Sadio Mane, a role he is certainly well-suited for.

Unfortunately, the plan was curtailed after the forward damaged his knee ligaments during a game against Arsenal last October. And as a result, he was sidelined for an extensive period, 190 days to be precise.

Nevertheless, the former Porto recently completed his recovery and returned to action as a substitute during the match against Leeds, much to the elation of Reds everywhere.

Aside from being overjoyed by the winger’s return, fans online appeared to be fixated on one particular detail surrounding Diaz: his ridiculously sharp jawline.

The 26-year-old strolled out of the team bus at Elland Road with his perfectly angled jawline in full view. Naturally, fans were left scampering for old images of the Colombian to compare and contrast. 

Diaz’s jawline prior to his injury was nothing to smirk about, it was nearly as sharp and certainly had the desired shape.

However, post-injury Diaz is evidently on a different level.

His jawline now gives off a chiseled appearance with sharper cheekbones on either side for support.
Reminiscent of the jaw you’d associate with hardcore body-builders, Diaz has certainly been putting in the work.

Well, at least for his facial muscles.

Fans online handed the Colombian the ‘Gigachad Jawline’ label, which for those uninitiated, essentially refers to a meme depicting the epitome of masculinity. The aforementioned ‘Gigachad’ also rocks a jawline much like Diaz’s.

Aside from the comparisons, fans were also left wondering about the methods Diaz adopted to achieve a jawline. Something we might be interested in as well.