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Everton Forward Dwight McNeil Honors Late Rapper Juice WRLD with Tattoo

Everton Forward Dwight McNeil Honors Late Rapper Juice WRLD with Tattoo

Football players are known to have some pretty wacky tattoos, which usually offer a closer look into their colorful personalities.

Over the years, we’ve come across many bizarre tattoos inked on famous players, examples include the insanely spiritual ensemble emblazoned on the chest of Milan Skriniar, and the silly emoji tattooed on the hand of his fellow teammate Marcelo Brozovic.

While lackluster ink isn’t bound by region, it’s normally South American stars that are associated with these off-beat designs. But in recent years, English players have also begun joining in on the action.

Be it Dele Alli’s arm tattoos of fictional characters, or the M16 inked on Raheem Sterling’s leg, English stars are well and truly embracing the absurd.

Tottenham star Dele Alli shows off incredible tattoos including Super Mario, Rick and Morty, and Stewie from Family Guy

The weird tattoo we’re taking a look at today is peculiar mainly because of how random it is, and it belongs to Everton forward Dwight McNeil.

The 23-year-old was signed by the Toffees during the summer transfer window for the sum of £20m from Burnley. Deployed primarily on the left-hand-side, McNeil was a signing attributed to former Everton manager Frank Lampard.

The forward made his Everton debut against Chelsea in August, and after a few appearances as a substitute, he managed to earn a spot in the starting XI.

McNeil has made 29 appearances in Blue this season, notching up 4 goals and 2 assists in the process.

Despite Everton’s struggles, the 23-year-old has provided flashes of his quality throughout the season. And more recently, he provided fans with a proper look at the tattoo on his right hand.

On the pitch, McNeil is normally a reserved figure, but suffice to say, the ink on his arm tells you plenty about the English forward.

On the upper portion of his right arm is a well-detailed depiction of your friendly neighborhood

Spiderman, and surprisingly enough, that’s not the most intriguing tattoo on display. As the ink situated right below it is an artistic portrait of late rapper Juice WRLD aka Jared Higgins.

The rapper passed away at the tender age of 21 in 2019, but left a lasting legacy with chart-topping tracks such as ‘Lucid Dreams’, ‘All Girls are the same’ and ‘Robbery’ to name a few.

Evidently, McNeil was quite the admirer of the late artist, especially since he even has Juice’s signature motto ‘999’ etched right beneath his portrait.

Also situated below the artist’s face is the name of his posthumous album which serves as a tribute to Juice: ‘Legends Never Die’.

Seeing Footballers display their musical preferences in such a manner is certainly rare, although it’s an idea we won’t mind coming across again.

As for McNeil, perhaps someone should add ‘Juice WRLD fan’ to his Wikipedia page.