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Kylian Mbappe’s Brother Joins the Rashford Celebration Craze

Kylian Mbappe’s Brother Joins the Rashford Celebration Craze

Marcus Rashford has created a trend with his new celebration this season. After scoring 29 goals (so far), the Englishman has brought out a new way to celebrate them in what appears to be a defiant message to his doubters and an inspired one for the youngsters.

The Manchester United forward likes to point his finger towards his brain, in what appears to be a message about his mentality to be a top player. The Englishman hasn’t exactly described the meaning behind his new celebration, but it is cool enough to have caught up like wildfire in football.

Over the course of the season, many footballers have paid tribute to Rashford by pulling off his celebration after scoring goals. That includes his United teammate and good buddy Jadon Sancho, who loves doing the celebration and has even pulled it out after scoring a few times this season.

A number of other footballers have produced the celebration all through the season, some to pay respect to Rashford and others even slyly mocking him. Aurelian Tchouameni, for one, did the celebration after scoring a brilliant goal for France in their 2-1 win over England in the Qatar World Cup semi-finals. Ruben Neves keeps claiming that it’s his celebration.

The latest footballer to pull off this cold celebration is the brother of Kylian Mbpape, named Ethan Mbappe – who also plays for Paris Saint-Germain. The 16-year-old midfielder has been playing for PSG’s U-19 side and often trains with the senior squad alongside his brother too.

Ethan, unlike his brother, is a left-footed player who likes to control things in midfield. He does, although, have a knack for making forward runs to score goals. The Frenchman recently scored an impressive goal for PSG U19 in a recent friendly game and decided to pull off the Rashford celebration.

The 16-year-old appears to be a big fan of Rashford after having seen him impress in all competitions for United this season. He’s of course sent the Red Devils faithful into an exciting mood, as they believe Rashford has enough influence to bring Mbappe and his brother to Old Trafford.

Of course, Mbappe appears to be full of respect for Rashford and is good buddies with him too. The two have often interacted on social media all through this season, with the French forward often commenting on the Englishman’s Instagram posts to voice his admiration for him.

It also appears that Kylian loved seeing his brother score and pull off the Rashford celebration in the recent game, commenting three ‘fire’ emojis on his Instagram page – where Ethan had uploaded a picture of him doing that celebration.

United fans are also using this instance to mock the Ruben Neves comparisons, with many stating that the celebration is actually the Portuguese midfielder’s trademark. While not confirmed, considering how often Rashford has done the celebration this season, it’s very easy to conclude that it was indeed the Englishman who has been inspiring everyone else these days to produce the celebration.

Rashford will be unmoved by the allegations of ‘stealing’ someone else’s celebration because he keeps on pulling it off after scoring goals – with the celebration helping create a unique identity for him in the world of football.