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Fans in Disbelief as Travis Kelce Debuts Unsettling Mustache Makeover

Fans in Disbelief as Travis Kelce Debuts Unsettling Mustache Makeover

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelche played a major role in his side’s Super Bowl LVII victory earlier this year and gained a reputation for his impressive beard, but it appears that he’s trimmed that down to now don only a weird moustache.

The 33-year-old is considered as one of the greatest tight-ends in NFL history and had a memorable campaign with the Chiefs last season. He excelled in the Super Bowl, catching six passes and also managing a touchdown to help his side defeat the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite not winning the MVP award for the Super Bowl, Kelche was still regarded as a key reason behind his side’s success.

The Kansas tight end also gained a reputation for his impressive beard which attracted a lot of fans towards him. The 33-year-old pulled off a slick beard and moustache combination really well and many recognized him for his facial hair itself.

Travis Kelche debuts new stache look

However, it appears that Kelche decided to change up his style ahead of the upcoming NFL campaign. He is currently working in pre-season with Kansas City as they aim to defend their title next season, and the 33-year-old has been seen working hard with his teammates.

Amid that, photographers were able to take footage of his shocking transformation in terms of appearance over the last few months. The same player who once had a face with a slick beard style now seems to have fully shaven off his facial hair and only kept the moustache.

The Kansas City Star even addressed his decision to shave off the beard and only keep this weird stache, stating that his teammates are now calling him ‘El Travedor’. He also added: “(I’m) trying to switch up the look. You get sick of looking yourself in the mirror with all this fur on your face and you know, shout out to Andy Reid baby. It’s the Stache time baby, the power of the stache’.

Well, it looks like the Kansas City coach Andy Reid might be the one to have inspired his important star to switch up his look and get a similar stache-only style, which is what the gaffer has donned for years now.

Fans are not impressed with Kelche’s new stache

The issue is that Kelche made the decision to style his moustache to the kind that almost looks like a 70s’ pornstar stache. In fact, this current look makes him look a bit older than he really is and does not seem to suit him at all.

Fans don’t seem to be impressed with his transformation at all and are urging Kelche to re-grow his beard and get rid of this stache-only look. The memes on his appearance keep moving at a rapid pace, with fans mocking him for his ridiculous facial style and ridiculing how weird it makes him look.

Kelche is being mocked for looking similar to extreme right-wing Americans with his latest look and some are even comparing him to the icon on the ‘Pringles’ chips box. The most disappointed lot when it comes to Kelche’s transformation seem to be his female fans.

The Kansas City star has a lot of fan girls because of his appearance and how ‘masculine’ he looked with the beard. But now that it’s gone, a lot of his fans seem to have turned on him and are extremely unimpressed with how weird he looks without the beard.

Kelche doesn’t seem much bothered with what fans think about his latest appearance and looks to be delighted with his porn stache. He’s currently focused on getting razer-sharp for the upcoming NFL season and win his third Super Bowl title in 2024.