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Rachel Riley Calls Out Adidas for Making More Fuss over Kurt Zouma Kicking Cat than Mason Greenwood

Rachel Riley Calls Out Adidas for Making More Fuss over Kurt Zouma Kicking Cat than Mason Greenwood

Manchester United have irked a lot of fans worldwide with their latest statement on the situation revolving around suspended player Mason Greenwood and their discreet indication about the chance of bringing him back has infuriated many fans, including famous TV personality Rachel Riley.

Riley is a British TV presenter co-presents the Channel 4 daytime puzzle show Countdown, as well as its spin-off 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. She has been proactive in hosting the show since 2009 and has even received an MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for her impressive work as a TV presenter.

What did Rachel Riley say about Mason Greenwood issue?        

The 37-year-old is also a self-proclaimed Manchester United fan from her young days, but among those having a serious doubt of faith in the club after their latest remarks on Greenwood. In a recent statement released, the Red Devils indicated that they are yet tto make a final decision on the Englishman’s future and that their decision is not influenced by outside parties.

However, rumours have since sparkled up claiming that Greenwood is expected to be reinstated into the United first-team squad very soon since he was suspended by the club in February after being accused of domestic violence and rape by his partner Harriet Robson.

Riley is one of the many fans that are shocked that the club can even consider a person with such allegations on them to come back and play on like nothing happened. She has even threatened to stop supporting the club itself if he comes back, quoting another life-long United fan and tweeting: “I’m with Em, I won’t be able to support United if Greenwood remains at the club. As an example, when it comes to VAWG, less than 1% of rapes reported to police lead to conviction. We’ve all seen and heard enough. Pretending this is ok would be a huge part of the problem.”

But its not just the Manchester United hierarchy that the Channel 4 presenter is taking aim at for being responsible in this entire charade. She has also hit out at the club’s shirt manufacturer Adidas for failing to take a stance in allowing the possibility of Greenwood’s potential comeback to even be a thing.

Adidas slammed for staying silent on Greenwood matter

She retweeted a series of tweets from British Domestic Abuse Campaigner David Challen that looked into the double standards of the German brand when it came to dealing with footballers accused of vile things.

Adidas took swift action to sever their ties with West Ham United defender Kurt Zouma after he was found to be abusing his pet cat last year, but they have sung a different tune when it comes to Greenwood.

In a statement on reports that they secretly green lit a return for the Englishman at Old Trafford, the German manufacturers diplomatically stated: “After inaccurate and speculative reporting within the media it’s important for us to reiterate that adidas plays no role in any decisions made regarding any member of the team or staff at the club. Decisions are exclusively between the club and their employees.”

While Greenwood is not an Adidas athlete (he was cut by Nike immediately after his allegations came to air in 2022), the brand is being slammed for not speaking out against the prospect of a club they famously sponsor bringing back someone with such shocking past allegations as Greenwood.

This also comes after Adidas recently renewed their deal to continue acting as United’s shirt sponsors for 10 more years in which they’ll reportedly pay the club £90 million in revenue. For a brand that delivers such a major revenue to United, the brand could have had their say in swaying the club’s decision on the Greenwood matter but seemed to have decided to stay silent instead.

Riley keeps campaining for her beloved club to re-think their decision to potentially bring back Greenwood, because it could be a PR disaster and lose many fans. She is not only the disgruntled fan to speak out, and before the Red Devils’ 1-0 win over Wolves on Monday in their Premier League, a group of supporters hit out at the club’s management for delaying their verdict on Greenwood and even thinking of bringing back Greenwood.

It remains to be seen exactly what final decision the decision-makers at Old Trafford take on their controversial forward, but the club should be aware of the potential repercussions and severe backlash that can ensue of them if they bring back a player with such vile allegations on him.