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Football Kit Goes Viral For Looking Exactly Like A School Uniform

Football Kit Goes Viral For Looking Exactly Like A School Uniform

Being a football fan is confusing sometimes. Often you find yourself at a loss for words. Whether it be a nail-biting football match or an unexpected transfer or even a football kit. All these events have the power to make a hard-core football fan comfortably numb.  

A recent kit release by an Indonesian amateur football club named, Bolasatukankita Palembang, has made football fans too shocked to be critical. The phrase, “It’s so bad that it is good” is a colloquial feeling among fans. 

Made by Apparel CRV, the 2023-24 home jersey of the Bola Satukan Kita Palembang, is a homage to the traditional school uniform of Indonesia.  

The shirt’s color is white with a red tie printed on it and an outline of a polo collar and a breast pocket can also be seen. A school crest-style emblem that houses the club badge is also a feature of the kit.  

The bottom of the shirt is red in color with a mock red belt imprinted on it. It’s difficult to say where the shirt ends and the shorts begin as the shorts are also red, hence camouflaging with the bottom of the shirt. The dress code for the keeper is a light brown shirt with a striped tie.  

After seeing the official Instagram page of the club, one will get a little familiar with their game, as they are constantly making these wild innovative kits, possibly to show off their whimsical creativity. Some fans might not agree on the creativity part, so let’s keep that as a perspective difference.  

In another episode of unlimited creativity, they released a shirt, which by its look is a homage to the anime character, Naruto, and his dress code. You don’t have to make a guess as on their official Instagram account, players are posing like Naruto, wearing the kit.  

The kit is orange in color with purple and white circles on the collar area, while the goalkeeper kit is a Samurai green shirt and blue shorts, idiosyncratic of Naruto’s mentor, Kakashi Sensei.  

People who are interested in being the odd one in the crowd, we are sorry to let you know that we don’t have any details regarding its price but will keep you all posted whenever we get one. 

It’s safe to say that this shirt will be remembered for a long long time, may not be for a positive reason but definitely a cult in its own right.  

The one kit that comes to our mind which can compete with this bizarre design is CD Palencia’s 2016/17 human tissue-inspired jersey. However, Palembang’s school-inspired kit is way normal, maybe even cute, compared to Palencia’s diabolic design.  

The thing is, this respected Indonesian side is not a serious club, but rather a recreation club, playing in recreational leagues. The goal of these clubs is to enjoy football, bond with people, and laugh. The training and drills are not that serious either by any means. So, it’s understandable why they come up with these funny, whimsical designs.  

Imagine a major European club putting on shirts like this. The world will turn upside down and the kit design industry will be disrupted then and there. Maybe they are big clubs, but they don’t have all the luxury, the luxury of freedom and fun.