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Will Mo Salah Remove His Top? The Hottest Betting Trend Surrounding His 200th Goal Milestone

Will Mo Salah Remove His Top? The Hottest Betting Trend Surrounding His 200th Goal Milestone

Mohammad Salah is one of the Premier League’s best players and is already a Liverpool legend. He has consistently maintained his impressive form and has been an extremely reliable goal-scorer for Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. The Egyptian striker is nearing his 200th goal for the Reds, which he is most likely to get against Fulham when they face each other on December 3rd at Anfield.

Something fans can expect from Mo Salah is that when he scores milestone goals, he takes off his jersey. The Shirt off-celebration has been a regular one for him, since he has removed his shirt four other times and has been booked by the referee for it.

During his time with the Reds, Mo Salah has been disciplined by getting a yellow card 8 times and half of them have been for taking his shirt off. It also says how important it is for him to celebrate his achievements because he very well understands that he’s getting a yellow card when he takes off his shirt.  

For Mo Salah, his individual achievements not only resonate with himself but everyone back home in Egypt as well. He had the privilege and opportunity to play for one of the biggest clubs in the elite level. He understands that not everyone gets the same opportunity as he did.

Accounts on X, formerly Twitter are placing bets on the match and it’s very likely that they will be bagging a profitable return with Salah’s celebration. These accounts expect a goal from him against Fulham followed up with the celebration.

This milestone is not just about his personal 200 goals, but it would be also the first time an African player will have scored 200 goals in the Premier League. Think of all the young talent this could inspire, who are restricted from pursuing something else in life.

He will also become the first non-British player to achieve 200 goals. It just shows how concentrated football was in certain parts of the world that it took several years of effort of a few players to make a difference.

Klopp’s side currently cannot be imagined without Salah. Saudi Pro League was interested in giving the Reds an enormous sum for Salah’s signing in the summer window, but Reds refused, because of how influential Salah is to the team, not just in terms of goals but also through his assists.

Featured Image Source: Twitter