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Mohammed Kudus Sitting On Advertising Boards Is One Of Football’s Coolest Celebrations Right Now

Mohammed Kudus Sitting On Advertising Boards Is One Of Football’s Coolest Celebrations Right Now

How many of us have gone Siuuuuuu… alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, put two fingers towards the sky alongside Messi or put our two hands across our chest to mimic the sliding Mbappe celebrations.

Whether you score a goal at the biggest stage or in a street game at your local village game, one thing is for sure, You are going to pose and show off in style after you have netted the ball.

Some of the celebrations have become so iconic that when you think of a player, the image of them celebrating is the first things that flashes before your eyes and before you know it, you are standing and doing the same pose.

One such boss celebration has got the internet talking. It has been the West Ham‘s Ghanaian winger Mohammed Kudus who’s celebration has become the talk of the town.

His style is something fresh and involves the advertising boards running across the pitch.

After scoring, the player walks onto the side pitch, sits on the advertising board and closes his eyes with hordes of West Ham fans going crazy behind him.

This weekend, Mohammed Kudus after putting a nail in the coffin against Manchester United, celebrated in similar style.

The scene looked straight out of a movie: Him sitting like a hero, towering over the Blåkläder (Blue clothing/work clothing) advertisement, as he finishes his opponents.

His teammates joined him thereafter and the clicks of the camera drowned the scene out.

There was a huge rumble about the great goal and even greater celebrations. People were found wondering what it meant. What thought had been put behind this new style of his!

Players have admitted to having thought about their signature celebrations quite a bit. Some do it to show gratitude towards God, some do it to dedicate the goals to their loved ones, some do it for the hype and some do it as a gesture towards some special occasion.

At the end of the game, reporters flocked towards the midfielder to find out some answers.

Kudus, in an interview for TNT sports (BT sports previously) with reporter Jules Breach in a post match, revealed a funny answer to the question.

In his own words he said, “I am sitting down to get a deep breath! I am tired.” According to him it was nothing special and he wasn’t thinking much about the celebration.

Highly doubt that it was just that though. This surely isn’t a one off thing that ‘just happened’. The winger has done similar celebration in the Wolves game too. Origins of this style can be traced back to his 1st scoresheet appearance vs Newcastle all the way back in October.

The 23 year old has been on a scoring spree lately, scoring a brace against Wolves last weekend and a goal in the Europa league before that. After all you need to be a prolific goal scorer to show off your celebration.

This unique ‘cold’ celebration has gathered quite a few admirers and some even think this is going to overtake the likes of Ronaldo and Messi in terms of its iconic-ness. Some reminisce the acrobatic celebration era of Robbie Keane cartwheel and think this one isn’t that special.

It is unique, it is imposing, it has style and I am pretty sure we are going to be seeing much more of it soon.