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The Origin Story of Cole Palmer’s Signature Celebration That Has Fans Hooked

The Origin Story of Cole Palmer’s Signature Celebration That Has Fans Hooked

Chelsea just confirmed their berth in the finals of Carabao EFL Cup after running riot against visitors Middlesbrough. They managed to put six past the Championship team with the opposition getting a consolation goal at the end.

After being behind in 1st leg of the tie, the Blues had to come up with something solid and sure they did. Who else was to be in the middle of all this goal fest but Chelsea’s new wonder boy Cole Palmer. The 21 year old graced the Chelsea crowd with a brace to secure victory.

Palmer has been the spear of Chelsea attack and already boasts a 11 goal tally while assisting 7 for the team. What interest us are his actions after he puts one in the net.

You might have seen him rub his hands on his arms as if he is shivering from cold. Yes, we are talking about the ‘Cold Palmer’ celebrations.

Be it Cristiano Ronaldo with is iconic siuuuu, Messi with both arms raised towards heaven or the new young lads like Mohammed kudus doing the advertising board celebration, footballers spend days coming up with celebrations that are unique and make them stand out in a crowd.

Cole Palmer on the other hand is a unique exception to the case. The young lad has embraced a meme, or you could say a word play on his name by the Internet, ‘Cold Palmer’, as an inspiration for his celebrations. You simply can’t just ignore this stroke of genius.

Usually known for not displaying much emotion on the field, fans had admiringly called him cold. He accepted the moniker and came up with the shivering celebration.

Young Chelsea fan shows off placard asking Cole Palmer for his shirt.
Young Chelsea fan shows off placard asking Cole Palmer for his shirt.

Chelsea fans absolutely love this celebration from the youngster and never miss out on responding with a ‘cold’ along with a cold face emoji. They love to see the celebration and even demand it every time.

Palmer had debuted the celebration in the victory against Luton town last year. He was then interviewed by TNT Sports and asked about where it all comes from.

In response Palmer had responded that his Manchester City academy mate Morgan Rodgers has helped him come up with it.

Originally the celebration was done by Morgan but Cole had taken prior permission from him to adopt the celebration. After all it does suit the ice cold machine more.

That might not be the whole story though. The player’s demeanor and his celebration are an exact match but speculation are that there is a hint of Drogba in the celebration too.

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba had done similar shivering celebrations back in 2007 during a UEFA Champions League game vs Rosenborg.

Whichever way it originated, the fact is that Cold Palmer has made it his own and now chances are that it will be known through him in the history books.

The celebration has become such a phenomenon that even the visiting fans from Middlesbrough couldn’t resist imitating the cold gesture even though they were getting ravaged.

The youngster has just started building his legacy and supporters already consider him a special talent, comparing him to the likes of Anelka.

Looks like are we are going to witness the coldest Premier League celebration a lot in the near future. The question is: Is he going to keep the celebrations forever?